The Birth of Scarlett Rose

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The Birth of Scarlett Rose
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Congratulations again Lisa and family! Each birth truly IS a different experience, isn't it? Scarlet Rose is just so cute and I love her name!

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Hi Lisa!

Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl Scarlett Rose! I am in love with the name! Your birth story was absolutely wonderful to read. Your blog is always one that I read on a regular basis ( I am a little shy about commenting but have often wanted to) and I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration as a mother and a strong woman. Thank you for sharing this exciting news!

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Congratulations again on the birth of Scarlett! Thank you for sharing your exiting news with us!

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Congratulations hun and welcome to the world little Scarlett Rose!

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Wow, what a story, every birth and baby is just such a miracle but she has quite the special story! Congrats! Beautiful baby and beautiful name Smile

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congratulations. What an amazing birth story.

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Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! What an amazing birth story! Thank you for sharing!

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Congrats Lisa!

I hope things are going well at your place.

I skimmed your blog and saw you mentioned PPD and baby blues.

I can so sympathize. Recovery after my most recent birth was slooooow and not fun. Emotionally and physically I was exhausted. He is 8 months old now, and I am finally feeling free of the fog I was in!

I hope you can get back to feeling well soon! Your little lady is beautiful!!!

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Thank you, Erica - and everyone else, too! Yes, I've had a somewhat tough run, capped off by my very first bout of mastitis this past weekend. Miserable. Things are looking up now, though. I'm physically feeling much better, and emotionally feel like maybe I've turned a corner as well.

Thanks for all the kind words Smile

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Sorry about the mastitis... Had my first bout with DS2, and it really made things difficult. That, combined with thrush, latching problems, you name it... just gave up on all the 'natural' ways and took the antibiotics and used the nipple shield briefly... Then things took a turn for the better and started feeling somewhat human again... somewhat.

Hope things stay keep in the positive direction. Did you ever find someone to encapsulate your placenta for you?

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she is beautiful! You are amazing! I hope things continue to go well, mastitis sure sucks!

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Sarah, my placenta is still in the freezer. Couldn't make up my mind about consuming it, but then I seem to have started feeling better anyway, soooo . . .

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Glad you are feeling better!