A bit of an update

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A bit of an update

I have not posted an update in a long time, it has been a busy time, I am sure all of you can relate Biggrin

It has been a year since we were house shopping and we found this property... it is hard to believe! The kids are already done with 2/3 of their school year! They have adjusted pretty well to the new schools, they all made some friends and they all like their schools. That has been a relief. It is different living here though- the town has more affluent residents, like rich in my standards, so it is kind of hard in that respect. We will never be a family with latest I phones ( even 5th graders!) , vacations to Hawaii or be able to participate in EVERY sport all year long. So I had to explain that to my middle kids, who have been affected by this the most. All of the sudden there is this pressure to join some sport and there are no cheap options like in our old city. Our oldest joined rowing which cost $700 !!! My jaw dropped when I saw that. I asked if we could pay it off in 3 months ( because it was due all at once) and the lady looked at me curiously... yeah, I dropped the "we have 10 kids" thing...:( He has applied to many places, but no jobs for him so far.
Then my 10 year old really wanted to join Taekwondo and I could not say no to him because he really needed something ( he struggles with confidence) also because he has not done any real sport activity yet. It has done wonders to him, I really love his teacher and the lessons they teach ( life lessons as well as martial arts) Julius is now happier, more respectful and slightly more confident.
Karolina has not done anything since being in a play in the Fall, because we just didn't have the money, but I signed her up for tumbling yesterday. She has been begging for "some sport since we live in this sporty city" - her words...
That leaves Chloe and Gabby wanting to do dance, but I keep saying not this school year. Kasia will do horseback riding as soon as it warms up ( they do it on a monthly basis).
My two other sons couldn't care less about sports, so for now I will leave it be, but I know they will need something eventually.
Yeah... I feel like I need to work nights at a grocery store to maybe pay for some of these activities.
Of course driving to places and being there is an issue too, this is where the whole Large Family thing gets complicated. People here are very nice though- not snobby, so it has been nice getting to know new moms.

I have not had a baby fever in a long time, I think we are probably good for now...;) Nick was a easy baby but a very tantrum prone toddler... Ten kids is a nice number, no?

Here are some latest pics:

Julius walking to receive his orange belt at promotional ceremony

Displaying his achievement and Matthew photobombing in the background

Kasia's birthday party. She turned 9. Friends and family

We rented a pony and some baby animals. It was cold so the animals were inside. Kasia feeding a lamb

Sebastian and the little zoo

All of the kids got pony rides

Nick wasn't a fan...

She was happy- all that matters!

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It is so good to hear from you and I love all of the pics! Smile I definitely can relate to having to make choices. We have been fortunate to have some reasonable options available, but certainly we can't do all.

Some places we have found alternative options were through our church, local national/state parks, adventure centers, etc. We also found that we have been free to take part in some more outdoor activities: Biking/hiking trails, skate parks, etc.

Granted -- I would soooooooo love to win the lottery Wink -- but even so, I believe I would still be cautious about over-scheduling. We have friends that have their ONE child involved in so many activities that they do not have one SINGLE night off which I can't imagine as a kid or a family. I think we all need some downtime as a family, (granted -- we don't get enough of it hence that winning lottery ticket would come in handy!

Smile AND -- I am still loving your "new" home / land!

As for the baby fever, I think you *know* when your family is complete. You have a beautiful family and yes, ten is a great number! If, however, you opt to add "one" more -- you know we'll be here cheering you on! LOL


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So good to read your update!

Although we raised our children in a well off area, things worked out quite well for us. Our son won a scholarship to his school, and that included his school uniform. He was able to teach at a computer summer camp and so had an income. Our daughter had good friends, who had fine values and didn't flaunt their riches. They did many outdoor activities together. We did spend money on their summer camp which was quite rugged compared to most, up until they became canoe guides. My parents provided a few extras: music lessons, carpentry lessons, hockey equipment at birthday and Christmas time. Most of the time they were quite willing to go camping with us...which was just great.

With Sarah, things are tricky because she is working full time and so Day Care is often an issue. We try to help when we can with music lessons etc... things they especially enjoy. Her stepson took Tai kwon Do for ages, which should have been great, but I was never convinced he gained anything from it. He did enjoy rock climbing.

I am certainly not opposed to doing things as a family. Most families forget how important that is I think.

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We definitely don't over schedule, we are only busy two nights a week thanks to activities being on the same day. I so value the nights we can just stay home and not run anywhere! It is just so different here compared to our old town with that pressure to be in any activity available! My kids are definitely understanding and they know that if we can't do it, we won't.

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Great to hear from you, Asha! Love the pictures. Looks like your family is having fun.

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Glad to see an update on your lovely family! Great pics!

We are finding it hard to budget for activities just for our oldest 2. I can't even imagine for 10!