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Can I join?

I'm pregnant with my fifth and last, and I need wisdom on how to be the best mom in managing this team of little people. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and have to admit, I'm becoming slower by the day! I'm also in nursing school, premed, and have my share of responsibilities and pressures. I do love my children so much and although it's difficult, I can't imagine it any differently.

Question though, does anybody experience their body just complaining in the third trimester? With my second daughter, nothing slowed me down until delivery! LOL. This time, it's hard to even walk after a busy day, with sciatica and all. Not to mention my body knows how to contract! It makes it hard these days to get done everything I want/need to get done. Help?!

Also my baby (13 months old) will be just 14 to 15 months apart from the baby coming. Any advice tips on managing them both? Feels a little like twins.

Wisdom, oh I need wisdom!

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Hello and welcome! I just graduated from nursing school in June! Found out we were expecting #6 the week I took boards Smile So I can definitely relate there! Just be patient with yourself. You don't HAVE to do everything. Just do what you can and rest when you can. My kids are all very close in age (plus an actyual set of twins) so I know how hard that can be! Everything will come together and work out!

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We are on our fifth and final too about 2 weeks behind you! i have 2 kids that are 15 months apart and in the beginning they were nothing like i'd imagine twins being but now at almost 4 and almost 5, they are like twins. And they are best friends. they do everything together and really get along a lot better than i ever imagined (for now):lol:

This being pregnancy number five, my body is fighting me too. I have pain walking around that has been persistent for about 2 months but recently has gotten way worse. I'm seeking help from a chiropractor on monday. I haven't had sciatica but i think it may be that or something related.

Im not n school but we did just start homeschooling my 4.5 y/o in K and its taking a lot of my time so i can imagine what you're going through in the busy aspect.

So you're not alone. The ladies here are GREAT!! Welcome to large families!

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Welcome! My oldest two are 14.5 months apart, and I admit that it was pretty overwhelming for the first couple of years. Once the youngest was 3, it got way easier, and they started entertaining each other and not needing our intervention so much. Now, at 10 and 11, they are best friends. My best advice is to just hang in there.

I think a lot of the aches and pains are related to weak muscles. I recently found out that a lot of back pain is actually caused by abdominal muscles, which makes sense, because pregnancy really stretches them. I was having pain in 3 parts of my back and found out that they were caused by 3 different sets of abdominal muscles. Between myofascial trigger point therapy and stretching exercises geared toward those muscles, I was able to really get the pain under control. However, I recently had abdominal surgery, so the pain came back. I'm working on it though. I'd be glad to share some exercises with you if you want to try them.

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Welcome! My 5th is about to come any day now. Smile I have 2 that are 16 months apart. It really wasn't bad at all. Not really sure about advice. Just take each day as it comes and try to give each one what they seem to need. Oh, and I would say that even though they are going to be close in age, the youngest one is obviously use to having to wait for things sometimes, so it's not like if your new little one needs something they will expect you to drop everything and help them instead. Wink

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Hey Melody, 'bout time you made it in here!!!

The third trimester pain and general exhaustion is so normal to me. After I had my third child, it got progressively worse. The contractions start earlier and they are not very efficient either. They just taunt you for months! Towards the end I would go in to get checked b/c they would almost be regular, but no... they only get bad when you try to be busy as a mom of many, but as soon as you relax, the pains subside too. Well, it's not easy to "listen to your body" when you have a bunch of kids. Stuff has to get done. I know.
i am really glad you joined here hon!

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Hello and welcome to the board! I had horrific pregnancies generally, but yes - the more I had, the slower and more painful things became in the third trimester....

I had most of my babies very close together... Infact my biggest age gap was just 23 months and my smallest was about 11 months! LOL It sounds terrible, like it'll be a ton of hard work - and yes whilst you adjust to having a newborn with a baby it does feel hard at times. But you'll slip into a routine so easily, I often found that actually having a newborn and a baby wasn't really that much more work than having a baby and being pregnant (infact for me it was easier, as I was often quite badly ill and very immobile in pregnancy). If you're managing now, chances are you'll be fine when little one arrives!

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hello and welcome. I haven't had kids close in age besides the twins, but thats a whole other ball game. Smile I agree with Laurie, the more kids you have the more accustomed they already are to waiting for mom to get things for them, etc, and the baby will be no exception either. I think my twins had to cry a little more than my singles, just because there were more kids to tend to and I could not always get there, and well, they are all normal well adjusted kids. Smile

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