change of school plans

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change of school plans

Okay, so we changed our plans. We are only going to be cyber schooling one of the children. The other four are going to the public school. I had called the school about getting the boys in band. The superintendent called and talked to me. He asked me to consider the public school. He offered to let the kids go to the smaller school, which has a lot going for it. I decided to send Isaiah because of the accessibility issue. The program we were going to send him to is not handicap accessible. I also wanted to send Patrick because of his ADHD and emotional issues, thinking he'd do better in a classroom. He agreed. I was fine with sending the other three to cyber school, but Caleb and Thomas both decided they wanted to go to school with their brothers. So all the boys are now going to the public school. Thomas was so happy about his new school that he cried getting off the bus and wanted the driver to take him BACK to school. lol.

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Glad everything got itself figured out and is happy about the school situation!

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Good for you guys! As long as everyone is happy- I LOVE your new siggy pic!

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Thanks! It was our Easter picture. (That's why Caleb is wearing a Christmas tie. lol)

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So glad that everything has worked out for you guys! Being at peace with where our kids are being educated is priceless :thumbsup:

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I'm glad the schools were willing to make exceptions for your family. I think the school district loses money when kids are cyber schooled. That's my impression from people I've talked to.

We start school on Tuesday.

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I'm glad you have found something that works for your family and that the kids are so happy, that makes a huge difference! Smile

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Congrats on figuring this all out!