Congratulations Chimmy!!!!

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Congratulations Chimmy!!!!

Huge congrats on the birth of your son!! I love his name- makes me want to be Irish -they have the coolest names!

I have to go stalk your lodge, I have been slacking!

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Aaww thanks Asha!! He is such a love - am trying to get some pictures uploaded so that I can share them but my phone isn't cooperating lol Hopefully soon! Smile

How is your pregnancy going? I can't believe your 30 weeks already! Geeze that went fast. Well for me anyways lol

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I just read the last few pages of your lodge. Wow, it brings all those memories of " is it for real or not?" I can't wait to hear the birth story now! You know, you said that you felt bad that you couldn't tell if the labor was impending or not, since you "should" b/c it is your seventh.... I don't think us multiparas can tell so easily. My labors with my later kiddos stalled so often, I got sent back with "false labor" many times,which only hurts more to hear from some nurse in L&D! That's how my 7th was born in the car. I just vowed to come back WITH a baby.
Each labor is so different too, it is really all new each time!
Congratulations Honey on your sweet son's birth- I can't wait for mine!
As for the latching issues, maybe the engorgement is letting too much milk down too fast? I hope that can get sorted out for you and him, I learned that keeping them elevated after feedings really helps. The vibrating bouncy seats are a life saver.
Sorry I am rambling here- so excited for you!!

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Congratulations hun!!! Lochlan is such a lovely name - over here it gets shortened a lot to Lochie... And all the boys with that name I know are such cute little things!

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Congrats again Chims! Your baby is just as beautiful as his name!

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Congrats on your beautiful boy!

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I saw some pics on facebook Smile He is precious!! Congrats to you and your family!!

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You guys are the best. Thanks so much!! He is SUCH a love! I can't get enough of him lol And we call him our "Lochie little boy" a lot ha ha.

Asha - it's just crazy how truly different each pregnancy & birth can be! So many assume that you know what your doing after the first few babies, but truly all of mine have kept me guessing lol That's how one of mine was born in the hallway of the hospital ha ha so I totally hear ya! And I am SO exited for you too!! I can't wait to see what your new little one looks like.

It's taken me awhile to get pics up - but finally got a few up today on my lodge if you wanna see the little fella. Still working on my birth story & pictures. Hoping I can finish it up tonight but we'll see.

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Oh congrats!! I went and peeked at pics--he is precious! Makes me want to hurry up time so I can have my little guy here to hold! Smile

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What a sweetheart! Congratulations! You make beautiful babies.

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Congratulations Julia!! What a beautiful little boy you have. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family! I love the name too!!!

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congratulations chimmy!!!! lochlan is gorgeous!!!!!! enjoy every second momma!!!

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Awwe! He is soooo cuute! You do make the cutest babies!
I hope the clot clears up for you. How is BF going?

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Congrats on your new little man!! He is a cutie pie!! I love his name!!!

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He's adorable! Congrats! And I too love his name.

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Congrats again!!! He's adorable!

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Thanks so much everyone!! He is such a little love. Were having some breastfeeding & weight gain issues but over all things are going well. I have the birth story & pictures up on my lodge - I think on page 20? Or there about's, if anyone wants to see Smile

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Totally love the name!!!