Dinner Ideas

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Dinner Ideas

I am in need of some dinner suggestions...I am very early in my pregnancy with baby #5 and the nausea hit hard over the weekend. The exastion has been just has hard on me. I have struggled to keep up with the house and plan meals out as I normally do. It would be great to get some fresh ideas, it seems like I am drawing a blank lately. I try to stick to fairly healthful meals, I do a main dish and a fruit and veggie. If anyone could just throw out some ideas that would be great! Thanks so much!

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Our latest easy favourite is fish, broccoli and rice... apple and peanut butter for snack or desert. Kids love it. Leo (8mo) ate 3 pieces of fish the other day!

I just fry the fish in a little butter after breading it with some flour mixed with a little creole seasoning (zatarains's).

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On desperate days, eggs and toast is a standby around here. The kids love it. It is cheap, easy, and lots of protein. Add some fruit and it you've got the bases covered. Smile

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We try to make something the night before, like taco meat, sloppy joes, etc. My fall back is usually grilled chicken. We keep the individually frozen skinless thighs in the freezer and throw them on the grill. I'm pretty lazy about the fruits and veggies. We usually just slice up an apple or a pepper or some carrots or open a can of something.

You can also try crock pot recipes or soups, because most of them take very little energy to prepare and have the protein and veggie all in one dish.

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I buy chicken thighs and bake them with some cream of mushroom soup. They are tender and yummy. They go well with rice or mashed potatoes and salad.

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This is my go to site. I change some of it around to make it kosher, but it's all turned out very good.

30 Minute Meals from Mom's Who Think

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One of my favorite "oh my gosh I can't face food" meals was grilled or pan browned talapia. Then I'd put about 1/4 cup drained fresh salsa on it and 1/4 avocado diced. We'd have it with potatoes or a grain like quinoa and a fruit tray.

For some reason, I couldn't STAND cooking tomato smell, but the dab of hot in the salsa seemed to mellow the m/s. A perk is that all the kids like it, too and if it was summer, we could cook it on the grill.

I don't think I've introduced myself in a while and I don't get to come hang out often. I'm Julie, mom of six. My baby just turned 17 and my oldest is 32. It's been a while since I've been pregnant, but somehow, certain things you don't forget. lol