Do I count??

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Do I count??

I just found out we are expecting our fourth baby a few days ago! In DH's opinion, that makes our family massive (at least compared to our friends!)

Our other children will be 6, 4(or 5- we're due around his bday), and 2 when the new baby is born...I'm so excited at having this bigger family, but a little nervous. It was tough even going to buy pregnancy tests this time - didnt want the crazy looks from the cashier if I had all the kids with me! And I definitely can't imagine some of the looks I'll get as my belly grows...just looking for a place to get some big family advice from Smile

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Hi and welcome to -- and the Large Families board. Smile By today's standards, absolutely you qualify. Congratulations on your new pregnancy!

The crazy looks from outsiders tend to come with the territory. It is even more irritating when you can watch people doing a "kid count" for you when you go out somewhere as a family :roll:

My best advice is to do your best to ignore what others think or say. You and your dh are the ones that matter in regards to whether you are comfortable with your family size... and even later should you decide you'd like more! Smile You will be able to rejoice in your family as a treasure... and won't be able to envision your life without any of your children missing.

When are you due?

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:wavehello: Hi there! I've been lurking on this board, too, wondering if I fit, and I think you do! Like Missy today, in today's society, 4 children is a large family. Looking forward to getting to know you more. Take care!

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Like Missy said, if you've ever been "counted" in public (and anything past 2 usually does), than yes, I'd say you do. 4 is definitely more than average.

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Welcome! I look forward to getting to "know" you!! And congrats on your pregnancy!!

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Welcome. It looks like the # of us joining, having #4 is growing Smile

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You absolutely belong!! Congrats on your newest addition!! When are you due?

As for comments from strangers... prepare your comebacks now, they will come in handy Smile

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Yes you belong here! I agree--I was shocked at the comments that 4 gets you! LOL Welcome! (I have 4 as well--really need to update my siggy pic)

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Welcome to the madness! Smile There's nothing more satisfying, more hard work or more fun than having a large family!

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This past weekend I got some rediculous comments too - preggo with #4. Never had any before other than the typical "looks like you have your hands full".

"Are you on a breeding program?" Wha-huh? Didn't have a come-back for that one since it caught me completely by surprise!

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I suppose you could simply say "YES!"
How stupid.

pico83 (not verified)

welcome and congratulations.
I say 4 counts at this point. I get some comments already with 3 and am not looking forward to the ones I'll get with #4 (we're TTC).

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Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome! Having a large family is great...hard work, but great, and very rewarding. HH9M!