Finally got around to telling the parents and IL's

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Finally got around to telling the parents and IL's

Ok! Yes, I admit, it's taking more than 8 weeks to tell them but I finally plucked up enough courage.

We're expecting #6 and due April 2012. Smile

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Congrats on #6!!!!!! Smile With number 4 we waited till 23 weeks!

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congrats on telling the parentals. Smile And congrats on #6!!

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Congrats on your newest pregnancy! Eight weeks is actually kind of fast! I usually wait until the 20 week U/S!

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congrats on #6! Did they take the news well?

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Congratulations on #6... You did better than me, I always say I'm not going to tell anyone but then a few hours later I'm shouting it from the roof tops! LOL I have no self control in that respect! Blum 3

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congrats, and good for you. i'm 10 weeks and still haven't told my parents or my IL's lol. everyone thought two was enough so yeah. i'll send an u/s pic in my christmas cards, make things a little easier on myself. hehe

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Esther!! Now I have two places to stalk you Smile How did they take the news??

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Thanks everyone :D.

Well they were certainly surprised and they handled it better than I thought. Then they couldn't get over the fact that I'm already halfway and couldn't understand why I had waited so long to tell them. :eek:

They must be happy for us now because the news has spread like wildfire through the town where I was born in the Netherlands. :confused:

Anyway, 20wk u/s later this afternoon so looking forward to seeing our little bean again.

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I am over the moon for you Esther!!!

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Congrats to you and your family!