Finn is here! (pics and story)

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Finn is here! (pics and story)

Finn Hudson
3/9/12 @ 4:57pm
7'13, 22in

Short birth story. We checked into the hospital a little after 6am for induction, I was a week late at this point, My group B streo was positive so they got some antibiotics started right away. My doc wanted to wait about 5 hours so the antibiotic could work itself into my system because she thought once she started the pit, it was going to go pretty fast. She was right! Pit was started at about 14:40 and I was holding my baby at 4:57. Very fast, VERY intense. Jason and my nurses were absolutely amazing at getting me through it all. I spent some time on the birth ball and I did get an epidural. the pressure was still crazy since it went so fast! He is just perfect though. One of my smallest babes. He looks just like Brodie and Sawyer! The kids love him! Especially Sawyer! I am kind of surprised because he, out of all of them, seemed to not care less while I was pregnant but he doesn't want to leave his side now. I didn't have any stitches or anything and I am feeling great. glad it is all over now and we can start getting into some type of routine. Jase is home with my all week! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

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congratulations! He's so cute. I love the picture with the numbered shirts.

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Aww, glad it went quick for you! Love the shirts as well, can't believe how big everyone's getting. He's so cute, makes me to be done myself! Just a few more weeks...

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congrats!!! He is super cute!!

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So so cute! Congrats! You two sure make some beautiful babes!

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Congratulations! He is so handsome and has such a great name! What a cute family you have!

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Congrats! He is perfect! Love the name and the shirts too!! Take care.

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Congratulations! You must have been ready for labour to go so quickly!

Love, love, love the kids shirts! I totally want to steal that idea Smile

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Awwe! Congratulations Heidi!!! He is just so precious!
You look beautiful in that pic too- so happy!
I love the shirts!

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Yes, Finn is adorable, but I have to add that your photo is too! :sleepyboy:

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Congrats! I think it's very fitting that your last child is Finn, since fin means the end or last in many languages.

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That's why we named him that Smile

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Adorable! You look great! And I love the shirts--I need to steal that one too!

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How wonderful!! Congratulations and WTTW baby Finn!!

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Congrats!! He is so cute!!!! Glad everything went smooth and fast for you!!

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"MrsSchepp" wrote:

That's why we named him that Smile

I'm a little slow to figure things out sometimes. ROFL It's a great name and fits in well with the rest of your family's names.

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He's beautiful! Congratulations! You look great btw. You don't look like you had just had a baby!

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Congratulations Mumma! You look great and he is beautiful!

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Conratulations! He is adorable! I, too, love the numbered cute!

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Beautiful!!! And Congratulations! I love the name so much! You look awesome !!!

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Congrats he's a cutie! I love his name Smile Love those shirts as well I may have to steal that idea in October when I have #7!

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Congrats!!! He is adorable! I too love the numbered shirts Biggrin