First "Real" Appt!

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First "Real" Appt!

I had an ultrasound appt on Friday, and baby looks awesome! It's measuring a week ahead, so I'm due on 3/11, rather than 3/20. HB was 180, and everything looked great.

Baby waved at us, got annoyed with the u/s, and used its feet to play with its cord. The nurse doing the u/s was in training, so I got to share in her learning how to read the image. Couldn't have asked for a better scan. And the pregnancy center where I got the u/s has asked me to come back on the 31st to be a guinea pig for another training scan (read: FREE)!

Both my boys got to see the scan at the end, too. And ds1 (3yo) was pretty excited.

So now that I know the pregnancy is viable, I announced to my parents (hence my previous thread) and scheduled my first appt with my mw for a week from tomorrow (this is going to be a planned homebirth).

I also tend to feel movement pretty early (14 wks for ds1 and 9.5 wks for ds2), so I'm kind of excited that I'm starting to feel some flutters Biggrin

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Yippie!!! How exciting!! I am so glad that the appointment went so well!
Also cool that you get freebie U/S - that rocks!

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Thanks! The free medical u/s is especially awesome, since they tend to run over $1k EACH in the parts of CA where I've lived. Where we live now, they cost more than dh's monthly income. If the pregnancy center had not been willing to take me (since this is not a crisis pregnancy), I would have toughed it out until I could get commercial u/s for gender determination.

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Yay on the good scan! And a free one!

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Sounds like a great u/s! Congratulations!