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Thread: Get to know our Mamas! Post your bio here :)

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    I am Tea, a cohost here. I am 38 with nine children and I birthed each one in separate pregnancies. I home school my third daughter because she is at the age where girls get mean and my kids are nice kids and tend to be the target of nasty mean kids. Dh and I have been married for ten years. He married me with three children and adopted the littlest. I am starting to corset. I am a college student majoring in social work and yoga-- I'd like to get an MA in counseling psychology with an emphasis in somatics. I am glad that I am done giving birth but I still love to cuddle babies! The following is my web site:

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    hi im candi whos almost 36 dh is 36 as me
    we have 5 beautiful kids
    valerie 10
    sara 8 half
    katrina 6
    ethan 3
    madeline belle 11mths

    they all great kids keeps me on my toes... i lead a busy life with them and i used to work at a salon but they wouldnt give me decent hours so i m now a sahm ... to expensive for day care .. so i do some hair on the side close friends and family and few clients come to my home so we hope to build it up more so i can make a salon right in my home ...
    i sometimes say i love to have more , other times i say no .. it can be quiet tough some days... so we will see in a year or so ... i was supposed to get fixed but i didnt want to go into hospital and dh wont get the big v .. he just might if we get pregnant again .. all of our kids were planned i think deep down eventhough he say no more he wants one more for sure

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    Hi, I'm Tanya 27, My DH is 29. I am a SAHM and DH is a Mechanic. We have been togther for almost 10 years and almost have five kids.

    DD1 is almost 8, and is very quiet, helpfull and independent.

    DS1 is 6 1/2 and is the most boyish boy you will ever meet. He is my handful kid but has a huge heart and the sweetest nature.

    DD2 is 4 and should of been a boy. I still baby her way to much and she idolizes Dora the explorer to no end.

    DS2 is 15 months. Very sweet and easy going. Going through a "I don't need to sleep at night time" stage which I hope he gets over soon.

    And We are due to have baby#5 in 10 weeks! She will be our third girl and will definately be our last. Dh has put his foot down and I am ready to stop being PG. I feel like I have been PG for 9 years straight!!!! I will be getting my tubes tied so this is definately it.

    Love Tanya
    Pround Mum of 5 beautiful kids
    Emily 11, Kade 10, Larna 7, Ethan 4, and Miss Charlie born Oct 07.

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    My name is Laura, 28... And my dear wife is 35... I am a sahm and she is a customer service rep with Day and Ross, Inc... We have 5 children... The older three from a previous relationship. Celia was created with donor sperm from the older children's father... And baby #5- due in October- was created with an anonymous donor's sperm... We tried many months to have the children all have the same biological father but to no avail... This last baby was created with donor #3 on the third cycle... Perhaps that's a lucky number for this little baby...

    Mia, almost 13, is our teenage attitude child... She is growing so fast and makes us so proud.

    MIndy, 10.5, is our little "boy." SHe is definately a girl... But she runs with the boys... She is very competitive and aggressive with sports...

    Terry, 10.5, Mindy's twin, is our handful... He is finally becoming more of a boy than his sister... He is a leading scorer in soccer and this is his first year playing... He loves it...

    Celia, 3 years, is the princess... She loves her mommy... and is growing closer and closer to mom by the day... It's been fun to watch the bond that they have shared all along become this amazing connection... She is a huge Dora fan... and loves High School Musical... She knows all the music and most of the dances... She starts dance class this year... and I am really looking forward to it...

    Baby #5- we don't know if it's a boy or girl... We know that raising this child will be a challenge for us... We only have 2 months left and still dont' have any names planned... But things will just fall into place when the time comes... Should be fun! ~L

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    I'm Lisa (34) married 13 years to Chris (35)
    We have 4 beautiful babies ....Katie 12, Kayla 10, Kennedy 8, and Cruz 14 months and were currently TTC #5

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    Default Hi New to the Group

    Hi Everyone,

    I just happened to find this forum looking up something else and was totally excited and had to join.

    My name is Michelle and I am a SAHM to 5 children. I have 6 - but my oldest does not live with me all the time. I have been married to my DH for 11 years - yesterday. I have 4boys and 2 girls. My husband is a graduate student and we live in California. We are always expecting the unexpected!
    So nice to meet everyone,
    Mother to Six
    Alex(14),Sean(10),Gabrielle(9),Maxwell(6),Eleanor( 2), and Tobias(1)

    A jug fills drop by drop.

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    It takes me forever to do anything but hey I'm doing right.

    I'm Angela (34) my DH is Derreck (38 )I have two kids from my first marriage and we have 3 girls together we have all 5 full time. I work p/t as a hairstylist and dh is a school custodian.

    Update we are now 35 and 39 and expecting #6!
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    Angela & DH Derreck
    Mama of Kenny 16, Kati 15, Eva 10, Faith 8, Hope 4
    Willow 5-15-09
    baby angels 12-31-05 @ 8 w, 8-12-08 @ 17w
    my girls on halloween

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    I'm Tara, 25 (26 Nov), no so leagly married to Mona, 28. Together we have 4 kids and one on the way. I'm a graphic artist and she work for PR firm.

    Kids are:
    Noah-11 will be 12 on Halloween! He's in 7th grade and recently joined our ever growing family. We love having him as part of our family and already can't remember life without him. He's had to deal with a lot in his young life and were happy to just let him be a child for now, which he seems to enjoy.

    Ethan-8...going on 18! He'll be nine in September, and is starting fifth grade soon! He's growing up so fast. He's very much the big brother of everyone. No one messes with his brothers or sisters!

    Mason-Just turned 7 on the 11th! He's going into second grade soon. He's the quitest of the bunch. We've run the gammet of "disorders" with him. The diganosed him autistic when he was two, then said no, he's just slow, then said no, its borderline autisim. And now at 7, they've just kind of shrugged their sholders and said "Ok, he's just a little weird and dosen't like things that bore him". They sent him to a speech thearpist because he wouldn't talk in class. Apparently he told the thearpist "I can talk, I just don't want too". But he's happy and sure he's a little different, its the only way he blends in in this family!

    Bella-5, is the princess. She kind of girly, but in a tuff way. Its hard to explain...most of my children are. She's very much her own person, and very ok with that. She's probably the most idependent out of all of the kids. She's staring kindergradent soon.

    Darla-4, is our little exploer. If she can get into something, she will. And she asks question after question after question! She'll be in pre-K soon.

    Lil Bun-Haha, the newest addition to the family. EDD: January, 2008. Carried by my wonderful, beautiful, caring, giving intelligint wife. What, I've been pregnnat, I know to suck up to pregnant ladies! Its a girl!

    The first four were adopted, but Mason and Bella have the same mom. Darla was carried by me and created using some sprem from a friend. Wifey is carrying Lil Bun, created by sperm from another friend.

    On top of all the kids we also have three dogs: a pit bull (Stone), a border collie (Outlaw), and a Corgi (Clash); two beta fish that belong to the girls (Bubblegum and Pixie, they keep changing their names!), a guine pig for Ethan(Poe), and a hampster (Harley) that was a b-day present for Mason.

    Um, ok, I think that's everything .
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    Mona and Tara proud moms to:

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    Mom to 14 kids in California


    I am Christi age 36,
    My DH Dave just turned 40,

    I have 13 kids, with #14 due 12-18-07.
    I have been very blessed to give birth to all 13 and can not wait to do it for a 14th time.

    We have 6 girls and 7 boys, we do know what #14 is but we are going to wait for our show on TLC to debut as it is told in the show.

    We just finished filming for 9 days with TLC, and our family is going to be on Kids By The Dozen, the Cason family airing sometime in late 2007.

    Dave and I both are hoping we are blessed many more times, before our family is complete.

    Christi Mama to 13 kiddos, 14 kids soon and loving every second of it!!!!
    Woohoo Baby #15 is on the way, Due 6-4-09.

    Christi age 37
    7 Girls and 7 Boys
    Ages 18,17,16,14,12,11,9,8,6,5,4,3,2,9 months,Wooohoooo
    #15 due 6-4-09.

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    Hi I am Lynn. We have been married for 14 years! We have 5 children. Chris is my oldest and is just like my DH. He keeps me on my feet and helps me keep my sanity. We work together very well. Anna is 10 going on 20 she just wants to grow up so fast. She reminds me of myself in the way she has to learn from her mistakes, just incase I am wrong! She is great with Kathaleen. They are very close. Anna also helps me a lot and between Anna and Chris I do get time to just stop and think before always just reacting. Michael is the classic middle child. He has a very dry sense of humor and tends to be very inquisitive. He is a pretty quiet child in general. Mary is my cuddler and I feel longs to have her spot back as the baby in the family. She is very helpful and wants to please most of the time. She gets very emotional and tends to have melt downs if she feels life is not fair. I think that is more to do with her age then just her personality. Kathaleen is the baby of the family and takes full advantage of her spot. She knows right from wrong now and will push the limits. She knows the her older sibilings will give in to her just so she will stop bothering them or stop complaining. She gets away with murder and we are all working on not letting that cute little smile turn her into what my DH calls a brat. I hate that word, but she was on the road to being very spoiled as far as it goes with getting her way. As for me you know I love to camp and be outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends. I was a elementary school teacher and plan on going back to sub when Kathaleen is in 1st grade. Also, surfing the web is another pass time of mine.
    DH is an engineer and likes to garden. We are enjoying the ability to leave Chris for a few hours and go out, even if it is just to the store to do errands together. It is a freedom we have not experienced in many years!
    Well, that is us pretty much.

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