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Thread: Get to know our Mamas! Post your bio here :)

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    Hi, my name is Jennifer 28, my dh is Jonathan 28, we have neen together since we were 15, 13 yrs and married for 8 1/2 yrs. we have 4 wonderful children who at times drive me nutty. I am a SAHM and i wouldn't have it any other way. My DH is a furnace operator at a local titanium plant. I am currently wanting another baby and kicking myself in the a@@ for having my tubes tied after the birth of my twins. I reallllly wanna have my tubal reversed. If anybody has had this done, i would love info on it.
    My dd Brooklinn is 8 and very smart has straight a's. She also has a bad attitude, you'd think she was an only child.
    My dd Jaidin is 4 1/2 and has been dx with adhd. She is a ball of energy and difficult to manage at times.
    My dd Khlya is 2 1/2 and is the oldest twin. She looks up to her sister Jaidin and unfortunatly acts just like her. She is so cute though and currentley has done nothing but whine for the last month, hopefully just a phase. She is also very smart like her eldest sister.
    My only ds Kai is 2 1/2 and the baby and youngest twin. He is my sweet, sweet boy. He has autism and sensory intergration disorder and we think also verbal apraxia, and excema. He is very loving. He also loves to be outside and on more then one occasion has busted out of the house, luckily we catch him before he gets very far.
    I love all my children very much and really want 2 more. i would love to get to know everyone because I dont know anyone with more the 2 children that can relate to my life.

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    my name is ashley. i just wanted to introduce myself. i am 26, dh, brad, is 25. we have 4 sons. 3 together and the boys have a brother from another mother
    brendan is 5, cole is 4 (dss), bradley is terrible 2, and brady is 5 weeks.
    we have decided to ttc #5 in a couple years. we were gonna get "fixed" but changed our minds...maybe a girl?!?!
    we live in texas. i am a sahm, attachment, cosleeping, no cio, baby wearing mommy...
    i cant wait to get to know all you supermommies!

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    I posted an intro but forgot to add myself to the sticky.

    I'm Julie, 38, married to my high school sweetheart Jim, almost 39, for almost 16.5 years. We lived in NC while in grad school, lived in Indiana for three years while serving our first church, and have been in Alaska since 1997 serving other churches. Right now I'm a part-time school librarian and love my job.

    We had Samuel while in Indiana. He's almost 13 and is a funny, smart, great kid (even though he does show his teen attitude now and then!).
    We were pregnant with our first set of twins when we moved to Alaska. They're 10.5 now.
    Moriah is all tomboy. Loves baseball and anything not girly.
    Susannah is our girly girl. Loves anything sparkly and 'fashionable'.
    Our second set of twins is the result of my not feeling 'done' and Jim finally okay with having 'one more'. God had other plans. They're now 15 mos.
    Abigail is our more laid-back baby. Loves to sleep, only baby of mine to love a pacifier.
    Bethany is our climber/mover and our snuggler. She was born with club feet but hasn't let that stop her from doing anything!
    (Both sets of twins were spontaneous, in case you're wondering. )

    Guess that's about it. Oh, well, that and the fact that I would be willing to have more kids (I love being pregnant), but am okay with the fact that Jim is absolutely and completely done.


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    Hi everyone, I'm Esther (37), DH is Jasper (39). We've been married 5yrs and have 4 beautiful boys. Cameron and Tyler are 7 (Jan 01), Ryan is 4 (Jan 04) and Logan is 1 (Sept 06). I'm a SAHM and DH is an international airline pilot.

    I came to PO to seek support after my mc in Feb 05. I'm not as active now as I have been in the past.

    I'd love to have another baby but I DH isn't to keen on that idea at all.

    *UPDATE* April 7, 09
    Thought I should update this! I'm 38 now and DH 40. The boys are 8, 8, 5 and 2. And, you guessed it, our next one is due in just 7 weeks. After 4 boys we are now expecting our first little girl at the end of May/early June 09.

    *UPDATE* October 23, 11
    Another update for you. I'm now 41, DH 42. The boys are now 10, 10, 7, 5 and Samantha is now nearly 2.5. Our latest and last surprise is due end March/early April 2012.
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    Mum to Jan '01 twins, a January Jewel (Jan '04),
    a Sapphire Sparkle (Sept '06), an early
    June Jitterbug (June '09) and an early

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    Since I frequent over here a lot.. I thought I would finally introduce myself! I already know Asha from our July 07 birth board! HI ASHA!

    Well my name is Danielle, I am 31 years old (32 on Halloween), divorced in 2003 and remarried in 2005 to Brian (almost 33).

    I have two boys from my previous marriage:

    Jaymz (pronounced James) - age 13 - My big helper! He is my goofy, rollin eyes at me all the time teen!

    Kristofer - age 8 - is my crazy boy! He is just like me. Likes to make people laugh

    Grayson - age 7 - he is my step son but I have been a part of his life since he was born and have helped raise him

    Julian - age 11 months - Born July 16, 2007. He is definately our last since Brian had a snip snip.

    Id LOVE to have one more..... but I am happy with what I DO have. I am a full time momma, work 32 hours in the office, 10 at home, always running, trying to lose weight.... and having fun!!

    Cant wait to get to know you all!
    Momma to Jaymz 16, Kristofer 11, and Julian 3. I love Becca

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    I have posted on here a few times but it's been quite a while ago. I am Alisha 27 almost 28 in August! My dh is Bud he's 30. I have four little boys: Ty 9, Shane 6, Austin 5, and Braydon 2. I am a SAHM and student, my dh is a roofing foreman. I would love to ttc one more but we are unsure still.

    Can't wait to join in on the conversations!
    Dh Bud 12/6/03
    Ds #1 3/20/99 Ds #2 9/17/01
    Ds #3 3/18/03 Ds #4 5/16/06

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    Hi Ladies,

    Really glad to have found this community. My name is Melanie (35) my husband is Brian (35). We have been married for 9 yrs.He is my best friend and a terrific hands on dad! I am a SAHM and Brian is a physician assistant with an orthopedic surgeon in Ft. Worth TX. Grace our oldest is 8 and wants to trick ride horses when she grows up! She is all cowgirl! Amelia is our princess and just turned 4. We were surprised and blessed with Everett in Jan. '08. He is all BOY into everything but soooo sweet. That was all for us until..... I found out I was pregnant when Ev was 10 mths. God decided we weren't done! Lucy will be arriving July '08. I am having a tubal and feel this is right. However I do LOVE being pregnant and will miss it terribly. Nice to meet everyone. I am not computer savvy and one day will figure out how to post pictures!! hehe

    wife to Brian
    mom to Grace 8, Amelia 4, Everett 17 mths, and Lucy due 7/8/08

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    Just realized that I never posted a bio here.
    I'm Rachelle, married to Kraig 19 years. We have 6 kids,
    dd Sydney 18, ds Clay 16, dd Grace 14, dd Lily 12, ds Nate 8, ds Marcus 4 and due with our tiebreaker Oct 4, 08.
    Glad to be here!

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    Hi ladies! I'm Julie...31, married to Glen since Dec 14 1996....we've been together since I was 16yrs old. We have 5 awesome kids....3 boys and 2 girls, Cole, Logan, Ash, Cate and Owie. We are currently trying for #6 to round out our family. I work very part time as an RPN(LPN) on a med/surg floor and day surgery unit....Hubby is a mechanical foreman...and also instructs jiu-jitsu one or two evenings a week. I have been working hard at losing a bit of "fluff" and have currently lost 55 lbs. I can't even begin to describe how good it feels!!
    It's good to be here......I will post when I can...and look forward to getting to "know" you all! Hugs and happiness sent your way!!
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    I thought I had already posted my info here, but I guess not LOL! Anyway,

    I'm Kim (31) dh Lee (31) and we have five kids and are currently tta, but plan on ttc again this coming spring. Dh and I have been happily married for 12 years this past June. He's the best thing that ever happened to me and I love him more than anything!
    Together we have :

    Adrienne (8.5yrs)~ she's very much the leader of the bunch, and my big helper. She loves horses, and wants to be a vet, specializing in horses.

    Lauren (6yrs and Hannah's twin)~ very gentle and loving, she loves to dress up as a princess, and play with her dolls.

    Hannah (6yrs and Lauren's twin)~ this girl cracks me up all the time! She loves to sing to whomever is listening ...or not LOL! She is the little mommy and says all the time she wants to be "just like you, mommy"

    Caleb (3yrs)~ all boy! I never believed the people who told me how different boys are than girls...until Caleb came along LOL! He's so sweet, too and loves to snuggle with me. He's just begining to get good at potty training and has declared himself a "big boy!"

    Jayden (14months)~ the cutest little baby! He's just learned to walk over the July4th holidays and has been going strong ever since - no longer content to stay in his play pen anymore He's very much a mommy's boy, hence another reason to tta right now. He's not ready to give me, I'm not ready to make him a big brother yet.

    Let's see what else??? I'm a SAHM and I homeschool. I also am on a mission to loose about 20lbs before Christmas or drop at least 2-3 dress sizes, whatever comes first LOL! We're planning on seeing alot of family this year and I wanna be a smokin hot moma!

    I'm glad I found you ladies and I look excited to get to know you!
    Kim~ mommy to five great homeschooled kids!

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