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Thread: Get to know our Mamas! Post your bio here :)

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    I know it has been a year since I posted - I have been a little busy! We are expecting our 7th in October! My first fall baby - and my first summer of blah!!

    BTW - not sure if I am posting in the right area -
    Tribemama -
    Mother to Six
    Alex(14),Sean(10),Gabrielle(9),Maxwell(6),Eleanor( 2), and Tobias(1)

    A jug fills drop by drop.

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    My name is Jessie (31). My husband is Joe (37). We have been married 10 years and have 5 beautiful children. I originally posted a REALLY long bio and decided against it, but we have quite the interesting story involving vasectomy (which almost killed dh), delivery while he was in the hospital, a reversal, and fostering. So- if you'd ever like to hear it, let me know =o)

    Taylor (10- soon to be 11) Our quiet child. Very compassionate and caring.

    Skyler (8.) - Very loud. Loves to listen to the sound of his own voice LOL. He's outgoing and makes friends easily.

    Caitlyn (3) Just got over a bout with Guillain-Barre Syndrome from a Hep A vaccine. Scary stuff! She's a total sweetheart.

    Quentin (2)- Quite the handful. He's ALWAYS happy and in to everything!

    Brooklyn (7 weeks)- So far a really good baby. I can never get over her smile.

    We hope to have "just one more" in the next two or three years. I need a break. Three kids in as many years has been a little overwhelming for me . I love having a big family and I am so happy I found this board. Thank you!

    PS- I don't know why the font size was changed with the last sentence, but the emphasis worked out I guess lol

    I forgot to mention that I am currently a doula ( I work at 2 hospitals presently ) and am going to school to become a midwife. I love love love my work and can't wait until I can "catch" too! =o)
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    Hi! My name is Chara and my hubby and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary in just 8 days! We have been together since I was 16, and were married when I was 17(and yes everyone said it wouldn't last). He truly is the love of my life, and my best friend. We have 4 beautiful kids together:
    We lost our 5th pregnancy over the summer(18wks), but have been given the go ahead by our OB to start trying again. I am very anxious, which I'm sure is not helping at all! I honestly can't come up with a number when we'll be done, but neither can hubby so at least we're on the same page. I think we'll both know when we're done.
    I am a SAHM, and hubby is military
    I am so glad to have found this site and all of you!

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    I am Christine, 37, and DH is Ernest, 45. We have known each other since 1996, but we finally married in 2000.

    I have a 15yo son, Jonathan, from my first marriage.

    DH and I have 3 girls:
    Christiana, born in January 1999
    Ariana, born in January 2003
    Helaina, born in April 2007

    I lost one babe in January 2008.

    I am currently pregnant with Samuel Gage. DH and I are excited about having a son together!

    This will be my last pregnancy. I will be having my tubes tied. I am a little sad knowning this is my last baby, but our family will be complete.

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    My name is Jen and I am an attorney, I was a SAHM after the birth of my dd Leah in 2001 and recently went back to work last winter. My dh, a physician, and I have been married since 1999. We have dd-15, from my previous marriage, ds 8, dd 6 and dd4. I am pregant with twins due in April.

    I had two of my children while I was in law school. In fact my son was born 5days after my last final. I remember that I had to sit for four hours staight without using the bathroom, funny I can't remember the delivery but I can remember that.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you.

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    I am a large family hopeful. My husband and I just had our first child July 22nd, 2008. She was my third pregnancy. We started TTC soon after we married at 25 three years ago but we lost our first two babies in early miscarraiges, the first naturally but the second had to have a D&C. We also tried to foster to adopt my little cousin but unfortunately she was placed with the foster family she was already with. We don't regret trying despite the very hard news that she would not join our family. I still hope to have a large family. Given that growing a family for us is not as easy as I so innocently thought it would be before our losses, I do not know if I will get that large family. I am just thankful that I was able to have our precious daughter as I do not think I could have handled losing both her and my little cousin after having already lost our first two babies. I hope to start TTC around Christmas and become pregnant quickly. I am very afraid that I will have more miscarraiges before I bring another baby home. The progesterone supplement and baby aspirin regiment worked for this baby, I just pray that it will continue to be the answer. My husband is a mechanic and I am a SAHM.

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    HI! I''m Tracey, i have been married to a very easy going man named Marc for 11 years( he really does put up with alot) we have 7 kids together, Lachlan 15,Zachary 12, Marcus 11, Quinn 8, Mirandah 6 , Emelia 4 and Ellison 5 months, It took us 2 1/2 years of ttcing to fall with the last one hopefully our next one wont take that long, I can't say when we will be doone, I know I have said when I'm 40 but I don't know, I'm 37 now and dh is 47 so age may stop us, it's great to meet so many others who feel the same asI do!

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    Hiya I thought I'd post another intro, I know I'd posted a long time ago, but then I kinda stopped coming to Some of you may still remember me, but for the ones who don't:

    I'm Jessica (30), Married to Christopher (29) for almost 7 years. We have five children, with one on the way in Jun 2009. I just got BFP and did my BPT yesterday and hope to have an actual due date very very soon.

    My children are:
    Reagan Anastasia (10-97)
    Sebastian "Ian" Anthony (1-99)
    Madison Mackenzie (10-00)
    Alexis Seraphim (1-03)
    River Echo (8-06)

    Reagan, Ian, and Maddie are mine from a previous relationship. Lexie and River are both of our kiddos, as for the baby due in June

    And to think... when I started this journey, I always said I only wanted two. I woulda NEVER EVER thought that at 30yo I'd be expecting my 6th child.

    My husband works his tail off and goes to school as well. I am a SAHM and a dig graphics artist and work a bit online. It's more a hobby than a job, but it's still fun. My family is not supportive of the large family lifestyle, but his family loves us all as their own. In that way I think we are blessed.

    Thanks for having me, I look forward to getting to know more of you all

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    My name is Darla and my husband is Drew. We are both 44. We've been together 11 years and have 3 little girls:

    Alannah- 8 1/2
    Alexi- 5 1/2
    Ann-Jolie 2 1/2
    Another expected in June if all goes well (crosses fingers)

    Before I married Drew, I was kidnapped by a band of terrorists and forced to marry at a very young age and having had my first child at 17, I now have 3 grown children as well:

    Adrina- 26
    Brian- 23

    I'm kidding about the kidnapping of course, but not about the terrorist part, but alas, I'm sure that's meant for another board. lol

    Drew and I are told we make people sick because after all these years the passion never died down and we've always been best friends as much as spouses. We have our own business, so we are both hands on in the parenting department, Daddy does diapers, as you know, a man changing diapers is equal to porn for women lol. We home school and try to raise our children as aware beings. We are kinda offbeat types, but we are wholesome, don't do drugs, drink, smoke etc and the focus of our lives is our children.

    Drew and I:

    Just me recently with my flat sweaty Las Vegas hair lol:


    Alannah and Ann-Jolie:

    Alexi: ( several months We can be found dressed up at any time of year at our house. lol

    Adrina my oldest daughter:

    Brian my oldest son:

    Gabriel my youngest son and Brian again:

    I look forward to getting to know you all..

    Many Blessings,

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    Since I'm lurking here and posting on occasion, figured I should introduce myself...

    You can call me Pru I've been on this site forever now and actually host the Pet Lovers' Board- so if you have furry kids too- come on over and share!

    I am blessed with 4 kiddos- my 13 (just turned! A teenager!) stepson, who is pretty much my son since he's with me almost all of the time, my 8 year old DD from a previous marriage, and then my 3 year old little boy and 3 month old little boy from my current marriage.

    Look forward to chatting to all of ya'll on this board!

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