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Thread: Get to know our Mamas! Post your bio here :)

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    Sep 2008
    Mom to 15, #16 on the way in California


    Just updating,
    Mom to 15 kids now and hoping #16 is on the way
    Christi age 39 and Mom to 15 kiddos, and #16 due 9-2-2010!! 8 boys and 7 girls, ages 21,19,17,16,14,12,11,9,8,7,5,4,3,2,10 months, and #16 due 9-8-2010

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    hi! i'm rebecca, i recognize a few of you...

    we aren't a "large" family..... yet. i've been married to my hubby, cory, for a little over four years now and we have two boys and one girl, jacob 5-3-2003, zachary 6-20-2006, and zoey jane 2-6-2008. the deal was to try for a girl this last time, and we got one, and we were "supposed" to be done... but alas! we want "just one more". we're kinda winging it right now, just got into a good routine after some sudden deaths in the family and don't want to upset that just yet. prolly start trying in about 6 months-- we'll see how it goes. it doesn't normally take long for us to get pregnant so i don't want to start ttc until i'm READY. Nice to meet you all!!!

    as i guessed, when we started trying, it didn't take long-- we got pregnant with baby four, a little boy we are going to name alexander cole, on our first try. he is due 8-2-2011.

    Alexander James is here! Born 8-12-2011 (my first totally natural birth), two hours after labor started, weighing 9 lbs. 6 oz. and 22"s.

    Baby #5 is due March 5
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    -Becca, mom to Jacob (5-3-2003) Zach (6-20-2006) Zoey Jane (2-6-200 Alex (8-11-2011) and Emma Grace (due March 2014)!!

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    Hello everyone. I'm so glad I found this board. I'm Cheryl and I'm a 30 year old SAHM. My DH Will is 31 and works for the IRS as an auditor (sorry, lol). Our story is a little different. He and I were both married before but my husband lost a year long battle to cancer in 2007 at the age of 24. His wife decided she didn't need him or her kids anymore and left. He was a single father of 3 and I was a single mother of 2.

    We actually met on Facebook of all places and trust me, I was SOOO not looking to meet anyone. We just clicked. The toughest part was that we lived some 500+ miles away but I truly feel that it was meant to be and so we made the long distance thing work for almost a year before I got things in order and moved to Kentucky so we could be one BIG happy family. I had lived in Baltimore, MD almost my entire life and although I have roots there and it will always be 'home' to me, it just wasn't where I wanted to raise my kids. My family still likes to sing the 'Green Acres' song to me on the phone every now and then because they still can't believe I'm now a country girl. But I love it.

    I moved here in August of '09 and we bought a beautiful farm house on 11.3 acres of land in Northern Kentucky, just 10 miles south of Cincinnati. That's what I love about it here, in the middle of nowhere but close to everywhere. We got married on October 16, 2009 and found out in November that we are expecting! It was so unplanned, actually permanent birth control was the plan, but we feel so blessed to have this addition to our family coming in August 2010.

    We have a 7 year old boy Bailey (from me), a 6 year old daughter Tabitha (from him), a 4 year old daughter Elaine (from me), a 4 year old daughter Aurora (from him) and a 3 year old son Caleb (from him). We just found out the baby is a girl. I know that a family of 6 kids isn't the biggest out there but going from 2 to 5 that quickly was definitely a big adjustment, as was the whole stay at home mom thing. I'm so used to actually going to work but I do definitely work much harder at this wonderful job.

    DH-Will, married 10/16/09
    DS-Bailey 8 and Caleb 3
    DD-Tabitha 7, Elaine 5, Aurora 4, Jillian 5 months

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    Well, I might as well add mine sice I haunt here often enough!

    I'm 34, DH is 43. We have 4 or 2 children, depending on how you count! DH has an 11.5yo son from a previous marriage, Reed born June 2007, but passed away in Sept 2008, Ivy May 2009, and Leo Sept 2010.

    Both DH and I work in the field of ecology.

    UPDATE: Baby #4 due in August 2012.
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    Skyler Dylan 22 April 1999
    Reed Aslan 17 June 2007 ~ 8 September 2008
    Ivy Rayne 3 May 2009
    Leo Spencer 2 Sept 2010
    Forrest Reed 15 Aug 2012

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    Way down yonder kinda close to the Chattahoochee


    I am Mindie and all my details are in my siggy. DH and I were both married before. His wife died Oct '07, and my husband died March '08. We met an a message board for young widows. I lived in Cincinnati, and he lived in Atlanta. I moved here to be with him. I had 3 kids and he had none. He always wanted 4 kids, so we TTC right away. I got pregnant March of '09. We got married May of '09. Derek was 3 months old when I got pregnant with Daniel. We decided we want to have #6 at some point.

    Dylan 4/22/04, Devon 6/24/06,Dorothy 9/13/07, Derek 12/19/09, Daniel 12/18/10, Daphne 2/24/12
    Mindie and Mark, 5/16/09

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    My name is Micaela and I'm 38.

    My info is in my siggy.

    We homeschool, and we've been blessed with 10, our last being born on 1/24/11 and definitely our last.

    I've been lurking for awhile now, and now that we've got "permanent" internet, I decided to join
    Micaela, homeschooling mother of:
    Jackson ('91), Charlotte ('96), Annemarie ('00), Catherine ('01), Robert ('02), Michael ('04), Mackenzie ('05), Elizabeth ('06), Elton ('09), and Emma ('11)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah-Jean View Post

    I read more then I post but thought I'd join in anyway!

    My name is Sarah-Jean, I'm 24 and will be 25 in 19 days! Woo for birthdays! I've been married to Martin, who's 30 since 1st Sept 2000 and we have four almost five children together.

    Tristan is 6 - going on 16 and was born April 01
    Jaeven is 5 and was born March 02
    Raistlin is 3 and was born Feb 04
    Ashton is 1 and was born Dec 05
    And our first and only daughter, Lacey Rose is due on my birthday - 18th Aug 07!

    Four boys and a girl - must be insane really! :P

    I'm not sure if we will have more or not. I quite fancy "just one more" at some point but pregnancy is really hard and painful for me so I'd have to wait a few years to try and get my health back up.


    My God I haven't updated this in a long time!

    As you can see, I did have more! I'm now at #7 and never say never any more...

    Tristan is now 10 and is really into gaming, electronics, computers etc. But rather bizarrely is wanting to be a chef and own his own restaurant when he's older!
    Jaeven is now 9 and is interested in mathematics and sciences mostly. He loves complicated lego too but only the motorised stuff. If it doesn't do something, it's boring apparently! He plans to become a bank manager apparently, so that should be interesting! LOL He also really loves playing tennis and cricket
    Raistlin is now 7 and really into sports. He trains with a local football teams coach and has grand plans to become a footballer.
    Ashton is now 5 and growing like a weed. His interests change every two minutes as they do with most 5 year olds!
    Lacey-Rose is now 3 and a little diva. Everyone thinks she's really loud and forward for some reason but actually she's quite shy and reserved until she gets to know you well (and then she turns into a mouthy little madam!)... She wants a hair and beauty salon when she gets older "just like mummy".
    Liberty-Hope is now 2 and the family's little pink princess. She's incredibly cute and I've yet to meet a single person who didn't fall instantly in love with her. LOL Although this is possibly because she's advanced with speech and has a tiny, quiet little sing-song voice. She's everything that is girlie-ness in one tiny, delicate little bundle!
    Robin is now 1 and a total little bruiser. He's always smiling and loves people. He's just started taking his first steps and talking proper words. I can't wait to see what he grows into!

    As for me, I'm now 28, DH is now 34. We've been married for 10 1/2 years now and we've both got our own businesses. I have a hair and beauty salon and am just about to open my second salon, and he works from home doing thermal imaging surveys and consultancy.

    And considering the years it's taken me to update this to my current status, I'm really looking forward to seeing what my next update in this section will be! LOL

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    Las Vegas, NV


    Hi all! My name is Krystal, I am 29 years old and I live in Las Vegas. I have three beautiful sons and my one little princess (their names and ages are in my siggy), and I also have two awesome step-sons. I have a very sexy DH whom I am very much in love with. I work full time as a concierge at a resort in Las Vegas, although it's my goal to one day become a SAHM! I would love to have more babies, but with me having to work that's out of the question right now.
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    Krystal & Donovan - 12/2/06
    Reagan - 10/2/02
    Maximus - 3/10/05
    Liberty - 12/11/08
    Trystan- 11/22/11
    My angel in Heaven 1/7/13

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    Hi! My name is Megan(2 and my DH is Joe (2. We have been married for 6 years and have 3 beautiful babies! I am due with my 4th in Oct.

    We both came from families of 5 so we are used to big families. I think we are done, lol! But reading all these bio's and seeing how many of you guys said DONE! and look at your SIGGY'S! I really want to feel done and I feel more due this time than last time, so we shall see!

    I have Riley whos 4
    Deacon whos 3
    Nya who is almost 2
    UNKNOWN to be born on Oct 24th 2011.
    Riley Matteo Canyon March 5th 2007 (4)
    Deacon Kail Oliver May 23rd 2008 (3)
    Nya Ladli Jackson Nov 30th 2009 (2)
    Carver Craig Indy Sept 26th 2011 *born at 34w!*

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    hello everyone i have so much trouble with just logging onto the site, but i know i had a post in here, i dont see it so i thought i do it again

    i have been on this site since before it started used to host. im popping back to see who it still here and update. i just turned 50 and have a 3 year old son, i am mom to 6 kids and 2 grandsons. i believe the last time i was here, i just found out i had stage 3 cervical cancer. after surgery, chemo and radiation. i am doing good ...i still have a spot that they have been watching but nothing is growing
    we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this past aug. and any will be moving into a new house! now im going to go check up on all you nice people

    Holly~ mom to

    Amber 27
    Lauren 26
    Morgan 23
    Kennan 14
    Mykayla 10
    Adam 9 months

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