Half a dozen sounds like a lot....

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Half a dozen sounds like a lot....

...but that is what we are going to be having Smile Just found out yesterday that I am a little over 5 weeks pregnant with #6. This has come as quite a surprise, but I am getting used to the idea. My cycles are always super regular and we have used natural family planning for 3 years with much success. I am thinking that the stress of finishing up nursing school last month may have throw off when I ovulated. That is the only thing I can think of!

No facebook comments...not planning on telling anyone IRL for quite some time Smile

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heidi that is awesome!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! HH9M's.......
(i know if i found out i was preggo..it would sink RIGHT in!!!!! i would have loved a 6th.....) congratulations on nursing school too!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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WooHoo!!! Heidi, I know that deep down inside you were hoping for this baby! congrats!!!

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That is awesome news! How VERY exciting!!! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy...

btw, 6 sounds like the perfect number to me! Wink

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Yay!!!! Congratulations! And 6 sounds perfect to me too Smile

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Congrats, Heidi! How fun.

Is this going to change your nursing plans? Wow.

We use NFP, too....and it is technically how we got Lexi (though we were going to try the next month anyhow....) I always O on cd17. We dtd on CD12 w no fertile signs. Two days later I O'd....and voila!

I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!

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Exciting!! Woot! Congrats!

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CONGRATS!!! 6 is an AWESOME #!!!!! :wootjump:

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You and me both. So, are you on Feb '12 with me or March '12?

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congrats Heidi! That is awesome, even if it is surprising! You are such a great momma!

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Congrats!!! I love surprises!! My dd was a surprise too--but I was nursing ds1 and still had no pp AF, and was on the minipill!! She was meant to be!

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Mind, I am hanging out in March! I am due the 2nd and my babes are always late Smile

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Congrats! 6 is a good number Smile

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Soo exciting! Congrats!

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Congrats!!! And you never know, you may get 6 and 7 all at once Wink

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Congratulations!!! How exciting!

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Jumping out of lurking to say Congrats! We were on March '09 together.

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Congrats!!!! HH9M!!!!!