Hi! New here! With Epidural question...

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Hi! New here! With Epidural question...

Hi! I'm new to the boards....I'm a mom of 8 (I'd prefer not to use my real name)... all girls! My oldest is 9 1\2 and I love them all so so much!

My question is about epidural safety after so many children. I am not talking about the general epidural vs natural childbirth debate. 7 out of 8 of my births I did get an epidural and loved it. With one baby (#6) I had a spinal done... My last labor got me thinking if such a great number of epidurals are safe for mom\baby during labor. I don't know why, but I have this pressing fear that too many epidurals can become dangerous. I haven't found anything online about it, and I have yet to bring it up to my OB since I haven't been there.... (longest period of time not preggers! A very strange feeling for me...)

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Hmmm. I haven't got any personal experience, as I've never had an epidural myself.

As a maternity RN, I can't say I've ever heard concern raised about multiple epidurals. They don't ask specifically ask about it, but that doesn't mean it isn't a concern. And your situation is probably fairly unique (just because of the number of epidurals in a fairly short window of time).

It is probably worth asking about... Whether there can be issues with scar tissue... Let us know what you find out!

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I don't have any medical/technical experience, just my own experience. I've only had 4 epidurals so far with my last 4 pregnancies as my first was natural and my second an emergency c-section in which I was completely knocked out. I haven't had any issues so far and my ob hasn't mentioned any reason why it should be a concern with my upcoming delivery. Your wise to ask the question though, it hadn't even occurred to me! Hope you are able to find out more information to help you be prepared.

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Hi! Welcome to this board!
I had the similar concern, I also don't have the answer. It would seem that it's not a good thing to access that part of your body so many times, right? I hope a doctor can answer that. I have had 1 epidural with my 10th and it was really great! What a difference!
I still am glad that I have experienced natural labors before, even to be able to compare the level of relief.

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To my knowledge there isnt any greater risk than if it were your first. My mom is an OR nurse and works with anesthesiologists and they have never heard of a greater risk because of the # of previous epidurals. I have had one with each of my kids. I did have a sore back after my first, but I think that was more to do with the fact that he was sunny side up, and got stuck, so I had HORRIBLE back labor, than with the epidural itself. I am planning on having my 4th epidural this time around. I love it Smile