Hubby said no watching The Duggars...

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Hubby said no watching The Duggars...

Cause we're expecting...again!

#6 is on it's way sometime in December.

To say I (WE) were shocked is an understatement. I couldn't talk. I cried and laughed. Now it's sinking in...and I am getting excited at the prospect but of course nervous, too. DS#5 is only 3 1/2 months! It's going to be a wild ride.

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That's wonderful news Christina!!! That's amazing! It took you so long to conceive Mr.#5 and now BAM! I have to ask, were you BF?

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Christina, again, so stinking excited for ya! Crazy stuff! Congrats!!

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Congratulations! That is wild!

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congratulations you will cope fine once you adjust to the idea Smile

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Congrats again Christina!!!! It will be wild but so much fun!!

Asha I think she is breastfeeding!

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Aw you'll be fine! The smaller age gap the better in my opinion!!! My smallest gap was just under 11 months and it was so much fun!... Congratulations hun!

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I said it on my reply to your other post, but Congratulations!!!! Give me some of that extra baby dust you have there LOL!!!! I think that is wonderful news Christina, and a wonderful surprise!!!!

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Awww, thanks, lovely ladies!

Asha, I stopped BF when Nash was about 4 weeks. My nipples just wouldn't heal. Sad My ppaf was 3/7 (Nash was born 1/3).

The thought is crazy but it's sinking in. DH actually made me buy digi's today so he could see the words.

Jan~ You got it, girl!! Baby dust :blowingdustblue: your way!

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Wow! Congratulations! My mom got pregnant with me when my brother was 6 weeks old - we're 10.5 months apart!

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Congrats again Christina!

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congrats and hh 9 months!!

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wow, congratulations!

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Congrats again Christina!

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What a amazing surprise! Congrats! Smile

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Wow! Congrats to you-- that is very exciting......what a fun ride!

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Congrats Christina! How fun that we get to share a BB together! HH9M! What a fun surprise!