I don't think I should be allowed

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I don't think I should be allowed

to feel this good! I really don't feel "9 months pregnant"! Yes, I have some hip pain, especially laying down at night. I get up to pee at least once and I'm a bit tired. But other than that, I feel great. I walked to school to pick the kids up twice this week--it is just barely under a mile. They cut our bus last year, so I usually drive to get them or in warmer weather we bike, but rarely walk because it is a long way for the kids to do every day, especially getting home in the near dark in the winter if we walk. I felt great both days. Yes, I can't wait to hold my new sweet baby, but I'm not dying to be done being pregnant. If he wants to wait until his due date-or past, I'm good with it! Which is kinda a new thing for me--with all 3 of my other kids, I was pretty uncomfortable by the end and getting anxious to have them.

In other news--I got a steal of a deal today on a moby and a diaper bag! I found a lady selling a ton of baby items on craigslist and got a black new looking moby for $15 and a big Eddie Bauer diaper bag for $5 this morning! My last diaper bag was in shreds by the time I was done with it so I threw it out and hadn't replaced it yet. So it was a good find. I had planned on just using a backpack or whatnot if I didn't get around to buying one before I delivered, but this works! Now to pack some things for the hospital--just in case!

And lastly--I'm working right now on getting baby boy to turn. He is oblique, so I've been reading up on spinning babies on how to get his head out of my hip and into my pelvis--those are some interesting acrobatics! LOL

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Glad everything is going so well!

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Yahoo! Keep on movin' sista.....I'm glad you feel good. I typically feel good to the end, too.

Here's hoping sweet boy turns....he still has time. GL!

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That is awesome Holly! Glad you are feeling so well! Hope you can get him to turn and enjoy that last bit of time being pregnant! Smile Any closer on the name decision?

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That's brilliant! I hope you can get baby to turn, mine always flip-flopped all over the place even during labour!

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That is great that you are feeling so well this close to the end! I hope baby moves for you! Good luck.

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Awesome! Glad you're feeling so well. Keeping active (going on long walks, etc.) does really make a difference in how you feel, too. Great deals you got, too! I'm surprised you still use a diaper bag. We found that they just seem to fall apart and found it easier and more convenient to use a backpack. You can load one up with all kinds of supplies and carry it on your back, and they don't fall apart.

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Great that you have been feeling so well!

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That is a really great thread to read!! Good for you Holly, keep up the walking, I found that was the best thing I did with my 4th dd! She was sideways until 38+ weeks and the day before my scheduled c-section, she turned! I was on my hands and knees a lot to get her to go head down. Not sure if it worked or she would have turned anyway... Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!!!

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Yes--I do use a diaper bag for about the first 6 months to a year. I find I just have a lot of stuff to carry and I use it like a giant purse. At about a year I switch to a smaller purse and use that for just a diaper, wipes and a snack.

Well, I have my 40 week appt tomorrow, so we'll see if he has turned. If he is oblique and won't turn, does that automatically mean a c-section? I have heard that from a few people this week when they ask when I think he'll come and I tell them he's a bit diagonal. Sad

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So happy you are feeling great! I only felt great at the end for some of my pg's some of them...oh my goodness...I turned into a complete devil at the end! Smile Will your doc turn baby for you? I dont know alot about it...but I do know of several women (including my neighbor) who had a baby...not only oblique...but completely breech...the doctor brought them into the hosptial gave them some kind of med to relax the muscles and he flipped the baby over. One of those times, the baby flipped right back by the around by the next week and mom still had a c-section....but every other time I have had friends have their doctor do that...it worked and the mom was able to deliver vaginally! Didnt some people say that a chiropractor might be able to help as well...and check out those ex's that can flip babies....If I were you I would do EVERYTHING I could to get that baby down!! GL!! KUP!! Smile

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hope that baby goes head down for you but glad you are feeling well! I kept moving my fourth pregnancy and felt pretty great right up until the end too Smile

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Congrats on feeling so wonderful! By my last month with my fourth baby I was basically in tears all day from the pain lol! And don't you just love Craigslist??!! I got most of Trystans stuff off of there... bedroom furniture, basinett, carseat... I love it!

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Yay for feeling so good! I hope baby moves for you and makes his appearance soon.