I got a job!!!

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I got a job!!!

Eeeekkkkk!!! Girls I am so, so, so excited right now! I'm celebrating with a bottle of champagne in a moment!

I went for an interview for a job as a phlebotomist this morning. I was pretty sure I wouldn't get it, the application form stated all over the place that they required a minimum of 6-12 months experience, and I only have a training course worth of experience (which I sent myself on because I was interested in it back in 2010)... I'm confident that I can do the job. It's practical and I am good at practical and very confident with things like that and I've never missed a vein (the only one in my training not too miss, and that included the instructor).

Anyway, I got a call this afternoon saying I'd got it! I can't believe it! I am so excited. I wanted this job so badly. I KNOW I can do it, and do it well... I have been bouncing off the walls ever since. I'm so happy!

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I am so excited for you! That is so awesome! Sounds like things are finally turning in the right direction for you and your family!

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Congrats! I hope you find the new job enjoyable...I have no idea what a phlebotomist is so I am off to Google it now!

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Congrats!! I know what they do...and I would pass out...but I bet you will do great!!!! Congrats again!!!

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Congrats Sarah-Jean!!!! WTG!!!!

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Congrats! I hope the new gig goes well. Good job, mama!

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Yay!! That is great!!!! Let us know how your first day goes!!

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:clappy: What wonderful news!! Congrats to you!

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yay! That's fantastic news!