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Thread: I let the cat out of the bag and....

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    Ugh! People can be so...ugly...yuck
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    I had so many people say "If you have anymore I'm going to kick your ***" Oh and the classic "So you're getting your tubes tied after this one right" and the ever lovely "Are you done yet"

    I developed what I like to call my off the wall smarty pants reply system, oddly enough even though i am not pregnant and never plan to be again i still have to use them ..

    My favorite is "Oh I forgot I use your uterus to grow my children"

    I believe everyone is entitled to have as few or many children as they want, if you only want 1 cool, if ya want 50 that's a lot but good luck anyway!

    I really am done having kids, im hoping my junk poops out soon so I never have to worry about it again, but I do plan on adopting some kids after I'm done with college. I don't want babies though, I want them at least potty trained and talking. So my done isn't the equivalent of I won't call another child MINE .. and if anyone doesn't like it .. well too bad for them because I happen to be one heck of a mother and all children should have a super mom like me! *my opinion but I like it*

    So congrats to ya, happy healthy 9 months!
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    maybe it is a German thing? my kids Oma (my mil) makes that sort of comments all the time. She never said any sort of congratulations for this one (I am only on my 3rd!) she said things like, "better you than me." She didn't even ask for his name until he was 2 wks old. I wanted to see how long it would go before she would ask. My husband brought the baby up (by name) in conversation. Her response was like what? huh? what are you talking about? my husband, my son! mil, but that isn't even a name. I could go on about stuff in general about her, but specifically with the too many kids. she is truly horrible. My husband grew up hearing, no one should ever have more than one kid. ... he is the 2nd. you were a mistake, we went on a cruise and forgot condoms, and I got stuck with you. just when I was getting able to start my life over...
    she has said on several occassions to me that I should convince my husband to get the big snip, "it doesn't hurt." (umm how does she know?) she has continually told me I should be done having kids or else I will ruin my life. I will never have fun in life because I will be taking care of kids forever.... the things she says go on and on.

    If I could I would have tons of kids just to spite her!

    congratulations to you and your family!

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    Awww..Im so sorry you didnt get the responses you wanted...but it sounds like most of them were good!! If my ultrasound today goes ok...Im going public by the end of the week. I have a hunch that my responses will be the same or worse than yours. My moms was already pretty bad...no congrats no excitement...nadda! We are all so happy for you here though!! good luck with the rest of the pg!!
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