Interesting tidbit.

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Interesting tidbit.

I always wondered why was there always so much month left, at the end of the money, even with DH working lots of overtime and us being pretty frugal.

Well, when the kids started school, they brought these forms that show you if you qualify for free lunch. I always throw them out, b/c I know we can afford to feed our kids. This time I did check them out , just b/c I was curious. There is a chart in there with yearly incomes and family size ratio. The chart goes up to 6 kids, but it also gives you an amount you can add per person to the total yearly income.
It turns out that even if my DH made a little over $ 90,000 a year we would STILL qualify for free lunches with our family size!
It kind of made me feel better, that I am not imagining things and our money is not just dissapearing...

$90 K a year isn't low income!

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We never fill out those forms either because we can afford the lunches at school but I think it's a great program they have. I only let my kids buy on Fridays which is pizza day I think it's more affordable to pack their lunch everyday. Also in our school district if you get free lunch you get your school fees waived which is nice.

The thing I don't undersand is here in Ohio we don't qualify for food stamps or medicaid or any other goverment assitance but we could get free lunch but we can't get wic? My youngest was on wic only because he got disabilty which he is off now.

I am not saying my husband makes great money but with our budget and coupons and trying to not over spend we do ok and once hubby is a lawyer I am sure we will be ok but we will never be rich with 5 kids.

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Huh, isn't that interesting? I might have to take a look at the sheet for our school to just to see. Because you're right, $90k is nothing to sneeze at!!!

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Wow! I wouldn't have thought to look at those forms either. Our family income is similar(with a few less kids:D).

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Ours was sent home pretty recently, I should look at it. My kids do cold lunch, hot lunch is pretty expensive from what I remember, I think $2.50 a meal, so $5 a day for my school aged kids...$25 a week, I know I spend a lot less than that making their lunches

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I make cold lunches too, seven of them every day... well, some kids make their own. They don't really like to buy lunches , except for my high schooler, but he likes the a la carte food which is even more money.
Sometimes I wish they had free lunch...but it would be hypocritical to have more kids that I supposedly can't afford to feed. KWIM?

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uh that is interesting. I always throw ours out too but now you have me curious lol Between what I bring in when not on maternity leave (I am a birth doula/placenta encapsulator) and what my husband brings in I always figured we were well above what they allowed & am grateful for that. Even if we did qualify I like to have the kids pack a lunch b/c we can control what they get - looking at the school menu's most of what they offer doesn't seem all that great. Our twins LOVE Nacho day though, so we always let them get hot lunch on that day Lol

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Very interesting! have never really given the papers much though and have just thrown them out. I am kind of like you, Asha, I would just not feel right having more kids while the kids I have are getting free lunch...

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I looked at ours this year, and we qualified, but I too feel we are perfectly able to provide lunches for our children. I let them buy whenever they want, which for dd is once a week or less (she's picky), ds is maybe 3 days a week. It is 1.75 or so here, I can't even remember. We qualified, but barely, and we more than qualified for the state insurance program thing, CHIP. But when I called dh to tell him (because I thought it was funny that we qualified for both) he did not seem amused, like I was telling him he was not providing well or something, which was not at all what I meant. lol

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Yep, we pretty much qualify for everything you can imagine. When you have lots of kids and only live on one income that seems to be the case! However, I do agree that it would be hypocrytical to keep having kids that we supposedly can't affort to feed, and actually accept all of those bennefits. We have used some of the "helps" that are out there from time to time when we really needed it (transition times in my DH's work and such), BUT we have never made it a lifestyle to "live" off of these benefits, and always try to get off of them as quickly as possible. So, we are thankful that they exist when people truly do need them, but I think they should be just that "helps" from time to time, and not a "lifestyle."

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My kids are on CHIP, and I'm not ashamed of it. My DH's benefits from work stink. They are very expensive for family coverage and have high deductibles. The state has excellent coverage, and I appreciate having the ability to take them to the doctor (or ER in an emergency) and not having to worry if I have the money to pay for it. We also qualify for free lunch because we adopted special needs children -- I just found out this year. It's a blessing for us. We have worked our way out of consumer debt, but DH's job isn't super well-paying, and my hours have been cut in half (only 11 hours a week now). I'm plenty happy making lunches for the kids, but they prefer hot lunches most of the time.

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Deb, I hear ya on crappy insurance benefits. Ours are not awesome and we did look at it when I was pg with the twins, but we did not qualify when we only had two kids, but now we would. Thankfully though dh got a new job with better benefits and better pay too, just in time, though our medical bills from my hospital bedrest will probably take us another two years to pay off. lol

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Deb I don't think anything is wrong with those programs, I glad they have them to help families that are in need of it. I wish it was easier for people to get them. The free lunch is great if you need it, some kids in the inner city that is the only meal they get! My mom was a social worker for Cleveland Ohio for many many years and kids would go without if they did not get the free lunch. Not all of cleveland is bad but where they have the public housing and places like that those kids are greatful for a hot meal.

We had to fight job and family services to get help for my youngest when he was born and we really needed the help after our private insurance would no longer cover him. My husband doesn't have an awesome job it gets what we need but he is in Law School and one day will have a great job but we really needed the help and the state was not helpful at all. I just wish at least in Ohio they would change somethings so when something like that were to happen to someone else they could get help and not fight for it.

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I always toss those forms as well because I can afford to make their lunches every day, thank God! That being said, $90K a year isn't really a whole lot when you take everything into account these days. DH and I together make around this, and we are far from rich. Between child support, student loans, mortgage, two cars, and every other bill that can possibly be factored in, we are barely making ends meet. Our problem is both of our incomes have been sliced in half thanks to this economy, but we still have the same amount of bills as we had when we were making good money, which is why it hurts so much. But of course, we make too much money for any type of help, like EOB (they help with day care costs) or anything else... so it's a catch 22.

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