Introducing myself!

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Introducing myself!

Hello all! I am mommy to three beautiful babies and #4 is due Dec. 1... and I also have two handsome stepsons... so we're definitely a big family. I was very reluctant to tell people when I found out I was pregant again for fear of their reactions. I had a couple right off the bat, which made me feel horrible. Because of it, I was really upset about this unexpected pregnancy. But, because of the wonderful ladies on this site (and my sweet DH) I learned not to give a rats @ss about what snide comments others might have. I'm so excited about my new addition and can't wait to meet him! Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone! :bigarmhug:

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Hi, Krystal!! Welcome and congrats on your newest addition Smile Enjoy your pregnancy and your family and don't care what anyone else says!

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welcome! And congrats on adding to your large family. Smile My two oldest are similar to yours in ages, my dd's bday is 9-13-02, and my ds is 1-3-5. Smile

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Welcome Krystal!

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Welcome! Glad to have you here! Don't listen to other people's negativity. That's all it is. You deserve to enjoy your pregnancy, whether it's your first, your fourth or your 15th.

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Hey Krystal!! Here is where you learn some good responses! LOL!!
Who cares what they think? Enjoy your pregnancy and keep your positive attitude! I really enjoyed having 4 kids way back when. Welcome to this board!

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Welcome! I'm expecting #4 in january Smile We haven't done any announcing yet, but I know my family and most friends will be excited, its strangers that say things like "you have your hands full" etc.

Welcome to the board!