Introducing myself...

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Introducing myself...

Hi there! I'm Holly, and I've been lurking on this board for a few weeks. I've been hesitant to post because I wasn't sure that 4 kids qualified as a large family, but after a lot of thought, I sure think it does. Most of my friends IRL are complete with 2, but I've always wanted 4. I'm looking forward to making new friends here and getting advice as this pregnancy progesses and we welcome our last little munchkin. Thanks!

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Welcome, welcome and congrats on your pregnancy! These ladies are full of great advise!

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Welcome and congrats on your new LO!

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I am in the same boat Smile I myself dont consider 4 kids a big family, but our society sure does...

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Hello Holly!!!
Welcome to this board- it is wonderful to have a place where nobody thinks " you are crazy".
Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

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Four DEFINITELY qualifies as large family--just wait for the looks and comments you'll get!! I think when most people you meet comment on your number of children-THAT is the number considered a large family in your area. LOL I get gape-mouthed stares all. the. time. When I say four! Which, I actually never considered a "large" family-as the youngest of 4 myself--dh is oldest of 5.

So..yes! And welcome! And I'm also Holly Smile Dh is Thayn, been married 11 years and have 3 boys and 1 girl- 8, 6, almost 4 and 5 months. I really need to update my siggy pic Wink

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Hi Holly! Smile I post here with 4, which most days doesn't feel like a big family but like Holly said, you definitely notice a difference when out of the house. I can't leave the house with all 4 kids without someone somewhere we go stopping me to say something, good or bad, about it. Then there are the times the older two aren't with me and people mention how I 'didn't get my girl' and I tell them I have two and they look at me like I just said I have two heads. Lol

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm not looking forward to the comments from people, but this is what we chose and we're so excited about it!!

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Hi, Holly!

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Hey :wavehello: Good luck w/your TTC journey! Hope it happens very quickly for you!!

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Hello and welcome to the "four or more" club!... (IE. The LARGE families club!)