I've been away

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I've been away

Been away from the boards for several months (or longer? :/ ) I cannot believe how busy 4 kids has made me! I know it doesn't have to be, but it is for now anyways.

I'd love to come back if you'll have me!

Basically my life in a nutshell right now--4 kids--2 in school full time, one in PreK, and my 1 yr old. After school activities keep me and the kids pretty busy. Right now we are going between rock climbing and gymnastics. Plus piano for the oldest 2.

My dh has been at his current job for 2 years after leaving his previous job of 7 years. He just interviewed with another company--where the headhunters came after him to bring him on board. Mainly he did it so he could use it for leverage at his current job which he does like. But they offered him more than he thinks his current job will likely give him, so we are likely going to take it. Still praying about that one Smile Nice thing, it doesn't move us anywhere, geographically. Bad thing....it doesn't move us anywhere Smile (specifically closer to the family we want to be near who are several states away--but he looked, there are no jobs for his field near our families)

So we are likely taking this new job which means we are also looking for houses/land to move to. Our house is very squished and we would like to plunge into the landlord area and rent our current house after we move. Biggest problem, finding something we like that has more than a postage stamp of a lot in a price we can grab AND in the same school district. Why move the kids from where they are doing great for a few extra square feet? We had been holding out in case dh got a job close to family, but if he takes on this new job, he has at least 1-2 year commitment.

All the kids are doing well--I (cross my fingers) think we just narrowly avoided a lice problem. I just decided last night to cut the 4 yr olds hair--way overdue--and found a SINGLE louse! Killed it and thoroughly checked everyone else, and shampooed in lice shampoo. I think he might have picked it up at gymnastics or preK yesterday. EWWW! Everyone else is doing great. We are about to add a 5th child in the mix--for 5 days only Biggrin DD's best friend is staying with us (8 yo) while her parents go out of town. Her grandma has to cancel last month and their trip was already planned. Should be fun times!

That's my quick update. Hope everyone is doing well!

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Good to hear from you. You've been busy. Sounds like you have a lot of transitions on the horizon. The new job sounds great. I'm sorry you couldn't find anything closer to family. I know what that is like. We have made a new home for ourselves, though, so it is not so bad.

I hope you caught the lice in time. We just went through it with our two youngest, and I got it from them. Ick! They were resistant to the shampoos, though, so I had to go old school with mayo and olive oil. It really worked, though. I ended up cutting their hair short, though. Only reason I didn't cut mine is I don't know how to do my own, and I didn't want to go to a salon with lice in my hair. Now that they're gone, I want to go short, though.

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Hi! I've been gone a while, too. Smile