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Just thought

I'd pop in here and say HI and join in the chit chat here.

My name is Trina I am from Australia and we are expecting #5 in Feb 2012. It was a hard road to get this #5 to stick we have been trying for 5 years and had 4 losses, 1 Ectopic and 3 m/c's.. 5 must be our lucky number I think.... Biggrin We aren't really hoping for any particular Gender a boy would be nice as we already have 4 girls 18, twins 14, & 9yr old but I am just happy to have a healthy baby hanging on inside me this time around..

I look forward to chatting with you all Smile

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Hello and welcome Trina! Congratulations on your pregnancy- wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!!! You certainly deserve it after all those years of trying!!!!!!
This baby will have a lot of "mommies" to be loved by!

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Hello and welcome!

I was the opposite of you, I had four boys and then my first girl - so here's hoping you've got a snuggly little bundle of blue in there!



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Welcome and congrats Smile We are due around the same time! Like, Sarah-Jean, I had 4 boys and then a girl (don't know what #6 is yet!). Hope to see you around more!

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Congrats and welcome!!!

I'm a momma to all boys!! Wink Though our journey took 'only' 9 months, like you I didn't even care about what gender it was, just healthy! Baby boy #5 is joining our clan in January!

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Trina!!!! So so so happy to see you here! As you know I am ecstatic that you are expecting a little one! Smile

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Congratulations!! Sending you tons of sticky vibes! So sorry you had such a tough journey, nobody should have to go through that. I also had a loss last year and it took us 12 cycles to get pregnant again, like you, all I want is a healthy sticky bean, don't care about the gender at all.

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Hello! Congrats!!

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Welcome! Nice to meet you Smile