Link to Nicholas' hospital page

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Link to Nicholas' hospital page
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Oh he is super, super cute! Congratulations Momma... And there'll be no forgetting to "Remember, remember the fifth of November" for you now!!!

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congrats!!! He is adorable!

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Congrats!!! He is super cute!! I read on Nov bb that he has 2 teeth ready to pop up!! That is so neat!!

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He is so cute, Asha! Congrats to you and the family! I wish you a speedy recovery and a restful babymoon.

He is beautiful, mama!

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Been thinking about you, Asha. Congratulations!

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Congrats Asha!! He is adorable!!

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congrats he is just beautiful, love all his hair, just so cute!

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Congrats! What a cutie!

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Oh, I'm so glad I peeked in! He's absolutely adorable!! Congratulations to you and your family!!


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ohhhhhh he is gorgeous!!!!!!! congratulations asha!!!!!! wttw nicholas!!!!!!

ETA: just read your birth story!!!!!! what a wonderful birth experience!!!!
congratulations again!!!!!!! Smile

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What a sweetie! Congrats to you! I'll have to go find that birth story!

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Asha! Congrats Mama!!!!! What a beautiful little man you have there!

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Congratultions! He is adorable! I enjoyed reading your birth story on the Nov. 2011 board! Smile

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He is absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations girl! Adorable!!!

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He's so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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He's so sweet... he looks like momma!!!