Lots of changes!

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Lots of changes!

Hello! I'm here! Wasn't able to log in because of account issues--yadda yadda. But lots going on over here right now!

First off, as you can see in my siggy--cautiously expecting #5! I would say I have NO idea how that happened, but then I would get snickers from everyone and a lesson on the birds and the bees....however, we were actively preventing....so I don't know how that happened, unless I had a wacky cycle and our timing was way off... Got my surprise BFP on Tuesday.

Also, we are closing on some land!! We just entered escrow and should be closing by Tuesday on 2.25 acres about a mile from where we live now. It is just passed the "urban growth boundary" where zoning changes from tiny lots to one house per 5 acres Biggrin We plan to build by next summer. We still have a lot to do for prep--it is raw land with lots of native trees etc, but it is perfect and flat. We need to do a little clearing and grading, put in a septic, well, etc before we can build. But we are excited and our kids can stay in the same school and we'll go to the same church. Very exciting times!

And we are done with school for the summer--and glad to have a break and some warm weather!

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Congratulations, Holly! That is a lot going on. I wish we could build a house. How's it going with all the kids home for the summer?