Maternity clothes

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Maternity clothes

Since I thought we were done after Finn was born, I got rid of ALL my maternity clothes, and over the 3 years since he was born, I've been getting rid of all the baby stuff as he outgrows it. So in a way, we are truly starting over here.

So I still don't know if I'm ready for maternity clothes yet, but I'm getting there. I know with my last 3 pregnancies, I was in maternity clothes by 9 - 10 weeks, but one of those was a twin pregnancy, and I started out a little heavier with each of those than I am now (after Finn was born, I finally lost all my baby weight and got down to what I weighed when Michael and I got married 10 years ago). Plus, I think just having maternity clothes on hand made it easy to transition over to them, know what I mean?

Anyway, my clothes are getting snug on me, but I can probably hold out for another couple of weeks, but I went and bought some maternity stuff yesterday - just a couple pairs of jeans and a few tops - and yowza!! It kind of cracks me up how I actually look more pregnant in maternity clothes at this point than in regular clothes. I remember when maternity clothes used to be designed to hide pregnancy - now they seem to be designed to accentuate and emphasize pregnancy! It's kind of funny. So I have this stuff, but now I'm more ambivalent than ever about actually wearing them yet - it seems ridiculous to look so pregnant - and flaunt it! - this early on.

Not sure what my point is here.



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LOL! I just wore my yoga pants a lot with Nicholas. I know what you mean about the tops, they are snug fitting, therefore revealing. They are super cute once the bump is a little bigger. When I wasn't ready to tell anyone yet, I wore my bigger, loose sweaters.

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Yeah-- I'm not pulling out the maternity stuff just yet. Those that know me well and see me daily can tell I have a wee tummy-- but I can still hide it under a jacket or sweater....

I'm hoping to hold out a few more weeks (at least.) We'll see how Thanksgiving treats me!

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I bought a couple pairs of yoga pants, a pair of sweats, and a cute pair of khakis from old navy that had draw string...those all are working great still. Any of my pants that are lower on the hips are fine too...Im getting a little belly, but really, nothing else is my jeans on my hips are fine with a baggy shirt. I have this wonderful huge house with loads of bedrooms but NO storage!! We dont have an attic and we dont have a although Jacob is only 16 months SOON as I was done with maternity after him...the stuff was sent to good will, and the same with ALL of his babyclothes up until 15 months when I realized I was pg. SO...Im going to have to go out and buy all new clothes again too. And eventually all new baby stuff. And whats annoying is I JUST had to do that with Jacob...because we moved after Ella was born and I didnt want to move the maternity so we just got rid of it. So this is the second time in 2 years I will have to buy all new maternity stuff again!! Grrr! Once Im ready for the world to know, I kind of like the fashion of showing off the bump though!! Its really cute!! Im betting by 14 weeks at the latest Ill be in full out maternity. Smile

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I feel like we are starting over as well. After Elliot we got rid of EVERYTHING except our crib that all the kids have slept in. Right now I have some maternity jeans but I am still wearing regular shirts most the time. Thank God my scrubs are nuce and Smile

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I just got rid of the last of my mat clothes, and the really sweet baby girl clothes that I have been hanging on to I am getting rid of (they are in a box to go to a charity). The boy clothes I am giving to a friend who has a baby boy. I wonder if that means anything for the future? Wink I guess either way, it is good as I feel like I am beginning to de-clutter my small house. If I need to re clutter because of a new family member, I won't be disappointed either!

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I wore non-maternity for as long as I could with #4! I was pretty lucky though because I was pregnant all summer and a lot of my summer skirts and dresses still fit while pregnant.
I do have tons of maternity though, we're cleaning out the basement so part of me wants to get rid of it...but I'm going to hold out until dh goes and makes sure that vasectomy worked because I just know if I got rid of it before we'd end up having another baby WinkLol