Meet our new family members!

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Meet our new family members!

I thought I'd join in and announce our newest family members....




They're gorgeous - they reward us every day with 2 fresh eggs. They come running upto the back door when we open it and they follow us around the garden... They're really tame too, love being stroked and picked up and will even voluntarily sit on your lap if you're sat on the ground... The other day they came in through the back door and I was sat watching TV on the floor with these two chickens (one on either side of me) sat watching TV with me - weird! LOL

How is everyone? Anyone got any pictures of pets they want to share?

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cute, love the names too. lol. Smile

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I wish I had chickens... but we already had that conversation!

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Wow! They look cool and they even have personalities? How fun!!!

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How cool! I would love to have some chickens someday!! We have a black lab/corgi mix puppy. She is 8 months old and we have had her since she was about 7 weeks. Her name is Molly Smile She is a wonderful dog, so good with the kids, we love her!

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so fun! I don't have any pics of my chickens (current ones anyways--mostly chick pics lol) I just shared our new kitty photo, and our bunny is in my siggy pic!

Love fresh eggs--and too funny they watch tv with you!

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Awesome!! I so want chickens!

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They are beautiful!!! I just got 45 egg layer hens here at work. We take blood samples from them every 2 weeks to test for a virus that is spread by mosquitoes and is detected in birds first. It is just a little poke in their wing vein and they are really well behaved.

They are brown like yours, and they give us the most beautiful eggs (and lots of them!) every day. I love them. When the program is over in the fall, we find homes for them. I think they are already all spoken for! If the bylaws would change so that residents could keep them within city limits, I would certainly take one or 2 home. They follow us around and talk to us- they are very smart!

Congrats on the new arrivals ;)!!!