Mind if I join?

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Mind if I join?

Okay, so 3 kids isn't really a large family, but they're pretty close in age (20m and 20.5m) and I've lurked here a lot and gotten a lot of good advice.

I'm Virginia and DH and I are 27. We have three sweet boys. Raymond is almost 4, Alex is 26 months, and Oliver is 6 months. I stay home with the kids and love it. We're planning to take a little break from baby-making, but I'd love to have 2 or 3 more in a few years (DH is unsure he wants any more).

Even with 3 kids we're already way out of the norm. Few of the friends we've had (high school, college, grad school) are married and almost none have kids. People in our area tend to have 0-2 kids. Whenever I meet another mom at the playground with kids the same age as mine it turns out she's 10 years older than I am (or more!) It's nice to be able to come over here and get some reassurance that I'm not completely insane.

So, will you take me?

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Welcome! I started posting here when we had 3 and thought we were done Smile It's a big family to some, well that and I always wanted a big family so it was nice to see I wasn't completely crazy in wanting more. I'd gladly have more if dh agreed, but he's already had a vasectomy so 4 is it for us.

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Welcome!!! You have very cute boys! I started my large family with 3 boys as well Wink
Working on our 6th boy now...

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welcome! Your boys are beautiful. I started posting here when we were ttc #3, I think if you want to have a large family, you'll fit right in, and 3 sure seems like a lot some days. Smile

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Welcome! I started coming here when I had "only" 3 kids Smile I agree that really anything over the "normal" 2 can be considered large!

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I think I might have started coming here when I "only" had 3 too and was planning my 4th...

Welcome to the madhouse - it's a lot of fun here!

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I had so many say our family was huge with 3, and now they all think I'm nuts being pg with 4 I'm sure! Welcome!

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Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I'll be looking back some day the same way you all are. Smile