Mind if I post some pics from our latest vacation?

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Mind if I post some pics from our latest vacation?

We have decided to go on a trip to Florida last February, a sort of a "last hurrah" before we buy a new house.
Part of a reason for the trip was to give our oldest son an opportunity to drive as he has a learner's permit now.
As per usual, we leave in the evening after dinner and drive through the night. Makes for a quiet driving experience Wink

After 12 hours of driving, we arrived in Atlanta, GA at Stone Mtn Park.
We took a sky lift to get on top

I really recommend this landmark. It is really unique and interesting. There is even a carving on a side of it.


After hiking down a slow downgrade and spending some time in Atlanta, we drove again through the night to Miami.
We went straight to the beach after breakfast.

The kids loved the warm weather. It was hot enough to swim!

After the beach we headed to our hotel. We slept at a nice Homewood suites with enough space for us. We did bring blow up mattresses to fit all of us in. i know it's a "no-no" but... we can't really afford two suites!
Girls on the mattresses

The next day we took and airboat ride on the Everglades to see some alligators. It was so much fun and it was educational too. our tour guide took us to an island and talked about Indian traditions.

The next thing we did, was a coral reef viewing in Key Largo. It was spur of the moment , but it was amazing. Again, there was a marine biologist explaining to us what we saw.

After that, we thought we were close to Key West so we let DS drive there.

It was a loooong drive, but it was worth it. A fun city! We had dinner there.

On our second part of the trip we went to Orlando.

Orange picking

We also FINALLY went to Disney as a family. I thought it was going to be all hype, but it was actually spectacular!

I will spare you the pics from visiting with friends and such. On our way back, we stopped in St. Augustine. We love this city so much! We toured Castillo de San Marcos

and walked down the main street

After a dinner, we piled back to the van and began our 17 hour hike back up North... we had many stops, but we made it safely home switching driving with all 3 of us.

Thanks for looking, sorry for the multitude of pics! We had 300 of them!

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Sounds and looks like a fabulous trip! My kids would love the Everglades and the Reef. TFS!

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Awesome pics!! Looks like tons of fun Smile

pico83 (not verified)

Wow, I am super impressed! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

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Awesome vacation! My kids loved their Disney trip back in October! We didn't get to go to the beach, but they had an amazing pool at the villa.

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You really research the high spots for your vacations. Not an easy thing with kids of all ages and stages! It sure pays off with wonderful memories for them all! Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome, Asha! Looks like so much fun.

I am counting down the weeks (9!) until our Florida vacation.....but we only go to the beach, Gulf side.

I hope to take the kids to Disney one day....probably when they are a bit older.

What a great experience for your family-- TFS!

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Such great pics, such a beautiful family too! Sounds like a grand vacation! TFS!

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What a wonderful trip! OMG you must have had to sell a kidney to take your whole family to Disney lol! I know when just DH and I go we spend at least $1500... for two days lol!! We want to go again this year and we'll be taking two of our four kids (Trystan will only be 8 months so at least we won't have to buy him a ticket!)... so I'm dreading the cost already!!

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Looks like such a fun trip! I can't wait for the weather to warm up! TFS!