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I think my mirena might have fallen out. I haven't checked yet, but then I've never checked for it in the nearly 9 months I've had it in place... I had it in to try and regulate my awful AFs and also help ease my perimenopause symptoms...

Then this past week I started getting all my old symptoms back. REALLY bad. Worse than before. And my AF (which had eased off to being relatively light, pain-free and regularly about 27 days apart with the mirena) turned up on CD20, heavy, clotted, painful, terrible terrible symptoms... Literally gushing and four days later it's no different. Sad

Even my DH noticed the change in me and asked if it was possible my mirena had come out (I was ill the week before with terrible stomach issues and D&V so I doubt I'd have noticed)... I'm going to wait for the bleeding to subside and then see if I can feel anything (never done that before so it'll be interesting!)....

I'll be so upset if it's come out though. I'd just got over the majority of my broodiness and resigned myself to the fact I may not have anymore children and we may be finished... And I was loving my mirena for the help it's given me with my AFs and perimenopause symptoms and now I'm right back to square one! I have had the most horrible hot flushes the last few days. I literally can not live like this... Sad And this AF is going to kill me I swear. I feel like I may bleed to death! (I know, I'm such a drama queen! LOL Blum 3 )...

And if it's come out I'm going to really struggle with the temptation to leave it out and let fate decide on our baby situation... But I've just settled down. My youngest is 2 now, we're about to undertake some major building works on our house, everything is slowly getting back to normal after my business went bust and I've just landed myself one of my dream jobs doing something I love but for only 8 hours a week so it doesn't encroach too much on our family life.... Dammit.

Has anyone else had a mirena fall out without noticing it?

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As you know I have no advice as ive never had one put in before.
It sounds to me hun like you know you are "done" and if not forever at least for the next couple of years ?
Maybe you would be best going to see the doctor and checking and if it has come out have one put back in?


Im feeling the same as you at the moment tbh I want another but I dont think the timing is quite right something just dosent feel "right" with ttc right now iykwim?


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The thing is I really would go for it right now. Most of my female members of family were well into menopause in their 30s. And I am displaying signs and symptoms of it starting earlier than many of them, even my mum... I'm scared if I leave it too long that it won't happen, but then I'm not actually 101% sure I WANT it to happen either! LOL I would probably be happier if all the building work we're about to start was already done. Although in theory if I was to just go for another baby then it would be completed long before baby got here anyway...

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What a situation! I hope it hasn't come out and you don't have to deal with the decision. Although, it sounds like you're talking yourself into another. Good luck.

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I think actually I'm just super emotional at the moment... I love the idea of being pregnant and having a newborn but I hate the idea of going through another baby stage! LOL I'm having some horrible symptoms right now and frankly I'd take anything that would get rid of them (including pregnancy) right now! LOL That's probably why the idea is appealing more than anything else...

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No advice at all... but good luck with whatever decision you make!!

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Phew! I checked and it's still there! Thank God for that cos I think I'd have had a hard time not giving in to the occasional broodiness if it wasn't and I had to wait to go and have a new one placed.

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Glad it is still there. lol. As to terrible periods, I am right there with you. Awful heavy terrible, debate about going to the hospital at least every other cycle. Hate it.

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To be honest I'm on the verge of yanking it out myself. I'm now on day 10 of horrible, painful, heavy, clotted bleeding. I feel washed out and totally lethargic. The mirena is supposed to be helping me to NOT have AFs like this... It's worked really well until now. If either the bleeding doesn't stop soon or if my next AF is like this I'll just have it taken out and go back to NFP or something... I can't handle this much longer. Sad

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I hope you can figure something out. My periods were awful pre-kids and I'm very worried about how they'll be when they come back. Between pregnancy and breastfeeding I haven't had af at all in 3 years and very few at since my first was born almost 8 years ago

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I would have it checked. I have heard of the mirena digging into the side f the uterus making women bleed. I hope your Dr can help you with the bleeding.

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