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Thread: Moms to boys :) I need HELP! Might be a sensative subject

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    My ds did this too. I have more than a few pics of him in his sister's dress up clothes. She dressed up and got told how darling she was, so why wouldn't he be in the same clothes? But he is all boy now at 6.5, its all star wars, and fighting, much to his sister's dismay (though he does like playing Barbies with her, thank goodness she has a few ken's, or I would have to buy some lol).

    I'm sorry your mom is ignorant about it all.
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    (I'll confess, I check this board out a lot. I have 3 kids and want 4-6 total.)
    My son is about the same age (4 in Dec) with no sisters, and he loves pink and purple and asks to wear dresses (I almost never wear dresses). He likes flowers and butterflies better than cars and trucks. Sparkles are especially awesome. I think it's like the PP said, those things are pretty and fun. And in our case pink is novel because we don't have a lot of it around. I wouldn't worry too much. Except about your mom. I hope she can leave you, and your son, alone.
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    My five year old gets jealous that I get to wear make-up and have babies, no joke. If he only knew what having a baby fully entailed, lol. I think it's just play and idolizing his older sisters. And if not, then that's ok, too.
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    Just to give a little update on Thomas, this morning, DH was joking with him and suggesting he wear his sister's Hello Kitty shoes when he couldn't find his sandals. He said, "Nooooo! I can't wear those! They're girl shoes!" He's five now. A year ago, he was wearing his sister's pink shoes to preschool.

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