My Baby is four today!
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Thread: My Baby is four today!

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    Red face My Baby is four today!

    Where did the time go?!!!

    Seems like only yesterday he was a tiny, snuggly little bundle that I could hold in one arm. He's still a snuggly little thing, but he's soooo big now! LOL He's even taller than Libby who's 5 1/2 years old.

    Here's a couple of pics!

    In his school uniform

    With Libby (who he's actually as tall as, but she was wearing little Princess heels in this picture!)

    He's growing up far too quickly for my liking! Especially when I think that in September he'll be in school full time. He needs to stop growing now, and stay where he is! LOL

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    Four is a wonderful age!!! Enjoy!
    I found by six, they become more detached from home....still exciting to be around, but less cuddly.
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    Happy Birthday!!!

    Don't tell me it's downhill from 4yo!!! Ivy is so fun (and 4)!
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    AWWW!! What a cutie! And it is so sad--yet happy--to see them growing so fast! I actually read an article yesterday that had me in tears. I should post it on here if I can find it again. Made me have bittersweet feelings that this baby we are having (soon!) will be our last! Off to see if I can find it!
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