My business went bust....

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My business went bust....

Well, I sort of mentioned it before offhand, in a previous post but it is official now so I feel like I can talk about it more openly. My salons went into liquidation a few days ago, all staff laid off, all assets boxed up ready to be split between my creditors. I have been left penniless and have been told we're being evicted from our house at the beginning of January unless we can come up with a good solution to pay our mortgage. Everything has gone wrong and the vultures are well and truly circling me right now... Everyone from ex-staff, to creditors, to old clients, to family members are after me for every last penny they can get (my sister actually phoned me yesterday asking if she could have ?10 to buy her boyfriends dog a dog bed - KNOWING we don't even have money for food at the moment. Sad )...

On the plus side of it all, friends I didn't really realise I had have been rallying around and bringing us food parcels and donating toys that we can give our kids for Christmas. And friends I thought were closer haven't even bothered to offer any sympathy. So I guess you really do learn who your true friends are when the going gets rough.

Not that I expect sympathy, after all I decided to start the business, I made the mistakes and I let it get as bad as it did - but only with the best intentions. I didn't want to make people redundant, I didn't want to let anyone down, so I kept going and kept going even when others were telling me there was no hope. I truly believed there was, but obviously I was wrong. These are problems entirely of my own making, I am just thankful that neither my Hubby nor my kids are holding it against me and we're all rallying together to try and get out of this mess.

Anyway, I'll be on and off (has it ever been any different?! LOL) over the coming months and probably up and down mood wise, so I just wanted to explain in advance if I post anything stupid. My brain is only semi-functioning at the moment with all the stuff I have to sort out and deal with.

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I'm sorry that all is not going well at the moment. I know you have overcome much in the past and have full confidence that you will again!

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Big, big hugs! I wish I were on the other side of the pond, so to speak, so I could help you out, but all I can do is pray for you and send you well wishes. This is a horrible time of year to go through what you're going through. I hope you will not lose your home, and I hope you are able to get back on a good path soon. :bighug:

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Im so sorry! Times are very hard out there right now. I pray you find a solution so you can keep your home!! ((HUGS))

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I'm sorry you're going through all that right now... Especially at Christmas when money can be tight regardless Sad

Wishing you the best of luck and believing you'll pull through!

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I'm sorry Sad Hang in there.

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Hang in there hun!

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I am sorry to hear this. I am sure that you and your family will be able to make it through this trial and come out a stronger unit. *hugs*

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Thank you girls for your kind words. It's been such a stressful, embarrassing, and humiliating time recently I'm just glad it's all nearly over. My final creditors meeting is happening on 13th Feb and then thankfully it's all over and closed for good. We'll be fine, I can feel it in my bones! LOL So I'm not too worried at this point....

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I'm so sorry for everything you're going through. I too know of the dificulties of this horrible economy. Our household income has been cut in half from what it was four years ago. Here's hoping 2012 brings us something better!