Newbie with 5 kids

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Newbie with 5 kids

Hi I'm Michelle, married to Martin. We have 3 kids Meg, Mia & Max. Within the next couple of weeks we'll be growing by two more - twins due on Halloween!

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Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming arrivals! Have you thought of names for them yet? Will you be following the M theme?

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welcome here as well! Love this board! Do you know the sexes of the twins?

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Sarah-Jean, they will be having M names.

Rachelrazzle, we don't know the sexes!

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Welcome and congrats!!! I can't wait to hear your names for them!

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Hi all,

Just letting you know that this account has been removed/banned as one of our frequent "visitors".

I didn't want you worried if they disappeared and/or waste time attempting to research!

I am sorry for the disruption. Truly *most* preg with multiples and Large family members are as they proclaim. I appreciate you all remaining welcoming 'til we had time to investigate.

~Missy (

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Awesome! I am getting SO good at recognizing the fake ones Smile Didn't even bother to respond to this one...

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Heidi, you are good.. need to hone my faker radar a little better, I recognize most of them, but didn't this time.. lol

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Oh wow, I was duped!

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Welcome!! Congrats on the twins!!! Smile

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I have been here long enough that the thought crossed my mind! However until I scrolled down to read responses, I didn't fully come to the "faker" conclusion Biggrin

Have you guys seen that movie about the guy who began an online relationship with a girl via a social network and she ended up being a total fraud? Gosh--what was the name of that movie?? He and his friends went to go meet her and found out she was not at all who she said she was, but was a sad depressed middle aged mom etc. It reminded me of the trolls we get on sometimes Smile LOL

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I don't even post here regularly any more and this one made me go...hmmm.

Who was that one with like 4-6 different fairly well established accounts? She posted here under at least one account.