No line today

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No line today

I'm thinking chemical pregnancy. The line is not there today, or so faint that if I see something while twisting and turning it and squinting, it might just be my imagination. Unexpected to begin with, but it would have been great. Sad

I think dh and I need to sit down and have a serious chat if we are going to go for a #5 or not. And take better precautions if not--I do not like the ups and downs of surprise pregnancies and losses :/

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Sad What a roller coaster for you. I'm sorry.

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Oh no- I am so sorry to hear that! Sad Big hugs!!

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Holly - one of my older sisters had severe asthma (that was actually her cause of death) and knew that more children were not really an option. Anyway, she went to an appointment to arrange to have her tubes tied. The doctor told her it was too late that she was pregnant already. That baby was born sleeping at 21 weeks. When we talked about things later she said that was a wake up call to her that there was another baby for her. That "baby" is now 22.5 years old and a daddy himself.

What she also said that while they had not planned on another baby the pregnancy got them talking about whether they wanted another baby, she always did and her hubby was concerned about her health. If this leads to discussion then good, although I really do hope that this was just a bad test not not indicative of a chemical.



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Holly, big hugs! I know what you mean about the surprise pregnancies and losses. That has been my last 5 years. I hope you and your DH come to a decision you can both agree on.