Not sure I mentioned it here...

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Not sure I mentioned it here...

We had our u/'s a BOY!! 5 sons and a 1, I feel extremely blessed Smile He looked perfect and his name will be Finn!

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Congrats on baby boy #5! How amazing is that! Like I said in your other post 5 daughter in laws you will be drowning with girls!!! Elliot will be well protected! I love the name Finn!

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Congrats! And congrats to already having a name--we are still nowhere near a name for our boy! (well, besides Enchilada that my 3 yo ds gave him....)

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Congratulations!!! And I love his name! Smile

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congrats Heidi! Finn is a perfect name for your cute boy!

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Congrats!!! Baby boys are awesome! Biggrin

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Congrats!!!! Love his name!! A healthy and perfect baby boy!

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Yay for boys!

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I know I already said it ~ but congrats again Heidi!!! Soo excited for you - LOVE his name!


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Congrats again!