Oakley Thomas' Birth Story and pics! LONG

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Oakley Thomas' Birth Story and pics! LONG

Baby boy was late and I was doing just fine with it--I had expected it all along (mother's intuition?) but dh was feeling a little like Christmas passed and Santa never came Lol My dr had an induction scheduled for Thursday. We had waiting buying MIL's plane tickets until it looked like labor was approaching, so Sunday night we decided to by them for Tuesday night, so she could be here for my appointment Wednesday.

Wednesday morning dh took me to my appointment where the dr checked me out--still 1 cm and 50% effaced, baby floating high, exactly the same since she began checking at 38 weeks. So the dr put in a balloon foley catheter to help my cervix ripen and dilate. He said it should fall out on its own when I got to 3 cm and i may progress on my own to 4 or he'd even seen 5. Also warned me that I would have menstrual cramping and some good contractions. So I went home and dh went to work. As ds2, mil and I were eating lunch, dh called and his car had overheated, he was stranded halfway to work. So we decided to jump in our other 2 cars (dh has our old family car for everyday and a 69 mustang for fun, and he drove the mustang that day) and head to rescue him with some coolant and the extra car in case he had to park the 'stang and come back to fix it later, he could take his car to work because he had to get there. Gist of the story, we got there, got it started and attempted to drive it about 2 miles to park in front of some friends' house and it only got halfway, had to buy a tow rope and tow it the rest of the way there, me driving his explorer, towing his mustang while cramping up, with mil following in our other car with ds. OY. So we got it there, dh left for work, I got in with MIL and we drove to get the kids from school. By now, I was hurting! So we got home and I took it easy. Had contractions all that afternoon and night. Tried to get to bed early, but could hardly sleep.

Woke up at 4 am to get ready to go to the hospital, they said to shower and eat. So I did that, the foley fell out when I woke up. I called to be sure I was still coming in. We left and got there just a few minutes after 5. Got checked in and by 6 I was hooked up to monitors and started an IV for the pitocin. Even before the pitocin I was contracting every 4-5 minutes. So a low dose pit was going and I chatted with dh and the nurse for a while. Finally I decided to sit in the jacuzzi tub for a little bit and the warm water was nice. The contractions got more intense and I decided to get out right as my dr got there to check me and break my water. It was 11 am at this point. She checked and I was still at 3 cm from the foley, baby was high and now 80% effaced. So she broke my water and I knew that was the cause of not dilating--I tend to carry my babies high until my water breaks and they don't get their head on the cervix to help. After breaking my water the contractions got very intense. I wanted to last as long as possible before asking for an epidural so that nothing would slow down, but the pitocin contractions were way too strong for me and I asked for one an hour after very very painful contractions and was still only at a 3+. They got there pretty quick but things were picking up really fast! I was finally able to get the epidural after about 8 more contractions and get it started. Those were really good though, because I had moved from 3 to 6/7. The epidural only really took the edge off my contractions as they are using a new med in the epi apparently. So I was still killing dh's hand, rocking and moaning through every contraction. At this point baby started having some pretty low h/r with every contraction and the nurse suspected he had his cord somewhere pinching during contractions. He did better with me on my right side and with the nurse holding up my stomach with contractions and they gave me an O2 mask to give him extra oxygen. the nurse didn't feel ok with just her in the room and the h/r doing that, so she called the dr and other nurses in. Finally the epi took a bit more of the pain away and I was feeling ready to push. My dr came in and I was at a 9.5--just a little left. They prepped the room and I was complete!

I started to push and baby did not do well through pushing, I knew he needed out of there. My pushing was making great progress and finally his head was out--along with his hand! He had his arm up by his head and came out head and hand first! But his cord was also around his neck and his arm was pinching it, so the dr clamped it then and there and cut the cord so she could get him out on the next push. Dh said his head was nearly purple. So the dr had me reach down on the next push and pull my baby out and set him on my chest. My arms were pretty weak but with some help I was able to do it. His color came back a little, but he didn't cry. After just a minute, they wanted him to get breathing better, so the took him over to get him to cry. He finally did and sounded like he had a little fluid left in his lungs. He was still pale, so his apgars were only 8 and 8. He didn't "pink up" until he had a bath. Total pushing was only 19 minutes and I didn't tear at all--so no stitches! Which is so so so much better than I've ever felt after babies before--still bruised and tender, but not such pain!

Aside from the scare of his heartrate, baby was doing just fine and never needed to be given oxygen. The room got all cleaned up and I was able to get up shortly after he was born. He nursed within 1/2 hour of birth, once he was sure to be breathing ok and he is a PRO! (or maybe I'm just a pro after doing this so many times! lol) The lactation nurse came in and said "I think you've got this, let me know if you need anything" LOL

We deliberated the name until shortly before being released the next day. We finally decided on Oakley Thomas. Oh, and stats--7 lb 14 oz (good size for a week late!), 20in, and born at 3:07 pm 1/26/12. Dh's grandma was very touched that we named him after her husband and said she couldn't think of a greater man to be named after--we couldn't agree more!

We are home and doing well--the cramping I have during nursing (and between) is the worst I've had, but at least I can sit ok and not in pain sitting! Oakley has been eating like a champ and my milk is coming in good--I feel full! Which means he is starting to eat less often (instead of every 45 minutes, he can now go 2 hours--even gave me 3 once)

Here are some pics!

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congrats he is awesome!!

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He is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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Congrats to you, and I love the name!!

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Congratulations! Welcome, Oakley!

pico83 (not verified)

sounds a lot like my DS1, complete with hand up by his face and cord around his neck.

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Congrats!!!! What a handsome little man!!

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Awesome birth story! He's so cute. I'm glad he's doing so well now. Must have been scary for awhile there.

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Congratulations! He is beautiful! I love the pic of them getting his foot done. What a great name too!

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Congrats! He is so cute!

You are making me excited for another baby boy.

Welcome, Oakley!

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Congrats again Holly! I love the name....what a nice tribute for him to be named after his great grandpa.

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He is precious! Congrats!

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He is beautiful - CONGRATS!!!!! So glad all went well!

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Aw! Congrats again Holly! Oakley is just beautiful!