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Thread: Only you ladies understand :)

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    Default Only you ladies understand :)

    So I am not done having kids! NO NO NO ) I am not going to get the tubal done. I was supposed too in about 2 weeks but I changed my mind!

    Wed. I am going to my ob and were going to talk about it! When I told her over the phone she was like oh ok! But I feel in my heart I am done but after #6 we will be. We always said 6 and no more. Hubby really wants to be done with the baby stage when he graduates June 2014. But I am waiting at least a year before we try.

    We are not telling anyone we are having another. I told my sister in law but she wants us to have like 20! But that is it. I am tired of the negative comments and I made a goal to let go of the crap in my life this year and people wit negative views are one!

    But I know you all understand and I wanted to share!!


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    I've backed out of a tubal 3 times now So I definitely understand!
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    I would NEVER do anything like that and my DH feels the same so i guess we will see. I understand how you feel and who really cares what other people think anyway.

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    It's terrible that people look down on large families. I think that it's wonderful that you want to have another baby! I wish I could talk DH into that, but there's just no way. I hate that he doesn't want any more children, but I guess I have to respect that. We can barely afford the ones that we do have, and that's with both of us working full time. I'd like to think that in the future DH might change his mind, but seeing as he'll be 36 this year and we have six kids (his, mine, and ours) I know he's done with making babies. I'm 29 years old though, and it makes me want to cry at the thought of NEVER carrying another baby again.
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    I've backed out of tubal and Vasectomy (for DH obviously!) before... I just can't do anything permanent... I think in my heart I definitely still want just one more baby, but I'm terrified of the changes it'll bring and I've never had such a big gap between kids.

    So yeah, I totally understand this one!

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    So glad you realized it BEFORE it was already done!! Its so final!! Good luck with #6!
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    I'm glad you realized you weren't done yet! I have only told my mom that we probably aren't done because I know she's supportive. My sisters keep making comments suggesting I should be done.
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    How exciting! I am really regretting dh's vasectomy so definitely good you realized beforehand!
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    Good for you!

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    Good for you. Only you and dh know what is best for your family. Who cares about the naysayers!
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