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Organization question


I have been getting very frustrated lately by all the wet facecloths in the bathroom... Does anyone have a good way to keep them all organized?? We only have one bathroom with a tub for the six of us. I don't want to wash them every single bath or shower, and yet I haven't come up with a good way to keep them organized so that they can be reused by the right person.

Any creative ideas?? Or what works for your families?


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I came from a large family and we had our own colour for our towels/face cloths - mine was pink...

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We use those 3M self adhesive hooks. They come in many different colors. Our are on the wall, but you could put them in the bathtub/shower if you think they will be drippy.

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We don't use those. Usually color system works with kids ( we do that with clothes hangers) so maybe if they each get their own color and only give them 2 or 3 per week. They would have to be able to hang them dry though...
I have this debacle with towels. The kids insist on getting new towel each time they bathe or shower ( the older 4 shower daily, the younger kids every other day). I want to do the color system but buying nearly 20 towels now seems kind of daunting.... For now, I "rescue" the only once used towels from the bathroom and hang them dry in the laundry room. i use those for younger kids. I still have way too many towels to wash though...
We had this German exchange student for 3 weeks. She used her towel for a week at a time. She just hung it after each use! I tried to use her as an example, but the kids kind of just shrugged. This should be my resolution for 2013!! Smile

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We have suction hooks. I think two or maybe three came in one pack and they are super cheap. They suction on to tile or glass. I put mine in order of age and they all know which one is theirs due to the order. I still help all take a shower except the oldest one. So everyone uses their right one. You could buy color coded wash cloths like someone else said. I think that's a great idea.

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We each use the same towel for a week. Each of the kids has their own beach towel that they use. Each kid has their own towel hook for their towel. We have one face cloth in each shower, but we mainly use shower puffs for washing, and they can be rinsed out and used by the next person. We do have the suction hooks in the bath/shower and use them for washcloths and bath poofs. I got a pack of maybe 8 of them (various sizes) at the Dollar Tree for $1.

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Great idea! My kids are still little and don't use wash cloths yet but I'm taking notes for later on. Smile They each have their own bath towels in different colors.

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These are great ideas if they will listen at all! My DSS (almost 14) insists on taking anew towel for each shower. So he comes upstairs to our bathroom, showers, takes one of our towels, and leaves it on the floor in either his bedroom or bathroom downstairs and grabs a new one every day. Then when I go to take a shower, there are no towels ANYWHERE, except a pile of wet mildewy ones downstairs!!! If he was here all the time, we could do something about it, but invariably, when I'm searching for a towel, he's at his mother's house.

Anyone have any ideas?

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We have towels that have our names embroidered on them. We use those and hang them up to dry to use again. I wash the towels more than other laundry, if necessary since I only do laundry once a week.