OT - Update on my husband (XP)

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OT - Update on my husband (XP)

I don't feel like rewriting it all, so here's my blog update: A State of Limbo

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Oh gosh Lisa, I am so sorry your family is dealing with such stress. I have never encountered anything like this. Although for me, the unknown has always been worse than being able to face and deal with the known. I guess when it comes to cancer, you are kind of forever in the unknown....or at least for a very long time after you "beat it". I know you are not religious...so I dont know what you would be comfortable with me offering...but please know, you have my thoughts and if you want them...my prayers. ((HUGS))

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I replied in the birthing naturally board, but I just wanted to say again to keep your head up, and I'm sending T&P your way for you and your DH!

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Hugs! I hope it's just a fluke.

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I wish you, Micheal and the kids the very best.

The fortunate thing about the liver is that it does regenerate, if tests do come out against your favour. I have a friend who's husband went through this about 7 years ago, and he was in early stage 4, when unbeknownst to him and his wife, a coworker had gone to see if he was a match, and he was! Today, he is doing terrifically!

Keep your head up. No matter what life gives you, you can deal with it.

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Oh Lisa, I am sorry to hear that. I hope everything is okay. I have followed your blog when Finn was born, until it ended and you have always been so strong with no matter what was put on your plate regarding any family issue, and I know your strength is much appreciated by him now. I am wishing all of you the best and hoping this is just a bump in the road for you! Keep strong!

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Thinking of you and your family. Hope you get some definite answers soon!

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Oh Gosh, the not knowing must be the worst, but I really truly believe that everything will be OK. The worst is behind you, I hope the tests prove that!

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((((((HUGS))))))) Add me to the list that is sending you all sorts of positive thoughts, vibes, prayers, and anything/everything else I can think of positive to virtually send.

Thank you for continuing to share your updates.


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Thanks for the update. I hope there are many more positive updates in the very near future. You are all in my thoughts.