In other news......

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In other news......

Nah, not pregnant!

We bought a big house!!! We bought a house and a property we have always dreamed of!
Not only that, but it is also located in one of the best school districts in the state. The house has 5 big bedrooms, it has 2 family rooms and a living room, a huge deck, a pool and the best part? 10 wooded acres WITH a stream!!! It is so private- yet we hear our neighbors' rooster and it reminds me of Poland- I grew up on a farm...
We can't wait to move. It even has the garden I dreamed of, a lilac bush, a dogwood tree- pinch me now!
I don't feel comfortable posting the listing page here, since it includes the address, but once we are in there, I will post pics!

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Asha! How exciting! It sounds marvelous! Cannot wait to see pics!! How far is it from where you are currently? Are your kids so excited? Smile

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Congratulations! That sounds lovely.

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Oh I'm sooooooo thrilled for you and cannot wait to see pictures! It sounds like what I long for! Smile Congratulations!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Thanks for sharing your big news! It's awesome!


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soo happy for you!!! Soooo jealous of your wonderful lot!! It sounds like heaven!! We left a 3 acre lot when we moved to NC and now we live in a cramped development where the neighbors are way too close....and I HATE IT!! I love my house....I actually like most of my neighbors too....but I miss that space for the kids!! CONGRATS!!!!! can not WAIT to see pics!!

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How exciting for your family! We have almost 5 acres and I love having the space for the boys to run...that will be so nice for your kids! I can't wait to see pics of it!!!

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Congratulations Asha! I am so excited for your family--the atmosphere sounds wonderful! We also have some acreage, and we love the space it provides for our family! Can't wait to see pics!

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Wonderful! How soon do you move?

We moved to 25 acres (from 0.08ac) and a much bigger house last summer (1500 sq ft to 2400!) and it is so great!

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congratulations on your lovely new home hope you have many happy years there

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that sounds amazing! I love lilacs and dogwoods! Smile Congratulations!

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Oh my goodness! When can I move in?

I mean, that's fabulous! I'm jealous. You can grow all your own food on 10 acres if you manage it somewhat properly, especially in Michigan climate. I wish we could live on 10 acres! I'm super Jealous.

When's the date of your move, and how do the kids feel about it?

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Sarah- Move in with us, it will be fun!! Wink

We are taking possession of the house on May31. We will spend weekends there until the kids get out of school mid month.

I am not looking forward to packing, but we are all excited to move. The kids are so happy- they all love outdoors and they are pretty confident that they will make friends there - let's hope that this optimism continues. I know we will have lots of their current friends over. Also we are refinancing this home and we will keep it, so we can always visit our town

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Wonderful!!! It sounds super dreamy! I'd love 10 acres... (swoon!) Can't wait to see pictures!

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How exciting!! Congrats!

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Are you moved in yet or still waiting on the kids to finish school? I know you are absolutely going to LOVE this summer in your new home! Smile

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Thanks for asking!
We are still packing.... the elementary kids finished today, tomorrow the older ones will be done. We rented the Uhaul truck for Saturday. Packing is kind of overwhelming.... I like my distractions Wink

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What am exciting month June will be this year! You should try to take photos and later assemble a little album or book about the move. You could also take pictures of the first house to remember how it was with everyone living there together. Or you could take before and after shots of the new place once the kids move to their new bedrooms.

Anyway, take it easy. No big rush!

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OMG! You sound so excited! I can't wait to see pics, it sounds like a dream come true! Smile

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I love the new signature pic! Looks great! Hope packing goes smoothly and then you can relax in settling in! Smile

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Love the picture of your family. Congrats on the house. It sounds fantastic!

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Your house sounds amazing!!! Glad to hear that it has so many things that you wanted!!

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I must be under a rock and missed this thread! Congrats on the house--sounds absolutely wonderful! A big house with a bit of land is in our plans someday too!