Our new baby boy is here!

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Our new baby boy is here!

I've been a bad board member but I wanted to announce our new baby boy Biggrin We named him Isaiah David and he was born 8/28, 7lbs 5oz and 19.5in long...my biggest baby by quite a bit!
Everything has gone so wonderfully this time around and he is a fantastic baby! I am having a bit of vasectomy regret, not completely surprised by that. I was feeling done the entire pregnancy but at the same time I always wanted a big family. What is surprising is that my dh is having a bit of vasectomy regret. He originally only wanted 2, then we had a 3rd as his 'last shot for a boy' and #4 was a surprise and HE has said he kind of regrets getting a vasectomy. Is is awful to kind of hope it didn't work? Lol he hasn't had it checked yet but I'm sure that only the people who really want it to work are so lucky as to have it not Wink (his cousin was actually one of those, he had it done twice)
I've only been home a day but transitioning to 4 kids has gone very well. The girls just adore him, almost TOO much! and DS who was too young to understand what was going on and I thought he'd be jealous but so far he just loves the baby. He's been a little clingy but he smiles so big when we let him 'hold' the baby and he's always pointing to the baby's hands/feet/nose and then his own. It just melts my heart Biggrin
and a picture of our new little guy

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Oh Mandi he is so gorgeous!!! Congratulations Mama and I am glad that the transitioning is going great so far!!!
Interesting about the vasectomy regrets... just give it time?

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He is adorable!! Glad everyone is adjusting just fine! I think I would feel the same way if either of us ever had a permanent bc option done---just the finality of it I guess. I hope that all turns out for the best!

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Oh he is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Congrats, Mandi. I'm so happy for you.

I'm so scared of the big V which is why we've held off. I don't think I'll ever feel totally and completely done. ((HUGS))

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He's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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Gorgeous! You're making me broody! LOL

Congratulations to you and your whole family. Smile

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Beautiful babe Smile Congrats!!!

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I'm so happy for you Mandi! He is absolutley adorable! I hope the vasectomy regrets go away - that's something I worry about too & one reason why I've not pushed dh, but do plan on getting an iud in once baby is here. Such a hard decision to make!

Congrats again Mama :bighug:

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He's adorable! I'm so glad the transition is going well. How early was he?

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He looks like a healthy kiddo!

Sorry about the V-regrets. A friend of ours has had 2 reversals for that reason!!!! They now have 5 children.

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congrats Mandi, sorry I have not seen this before. Isaiah is beautiful!

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I'm having vasectomy regret and DH hasn't even had it done yet. I will probably have an epic meltdown the morning of.

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Congrats Mandi! He's a big boy! Good baking.

I think that some women never feel "done" but make the choice to be done. Also postpartum hormones make it so you are baby hungry again. It's a evolutionary thing -- it makes you forget how painful childbirth is and just makes you want another baby, otherwise who would ever go thru it more than once!!!

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congrats!! beautiful baby!

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Congrats on your new little man!! He is so cute!!!

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Congratulations!!!! He is just beautiful!!! I'm so glad things are going so well for you.

It's funny that you say that about the V - my DH has said the same thing lately. Silly men Smile

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Thanks everyone Smile I am hoping with time I'll feel more done, it's so weird because I was completely fine with being done while I was pregnant (and I'm not talking 1st trimester morning sickness or 3rd trimester discomfort influence...I felt done the whole pregnancy). I think it's because it's been easier than I imagined it would be? I was so worried about how I'd handle 4 and have the time for 4 and it's been relatively easy so far.
Amanda- the dr's dates had me down at 36 weeks 4 days...which is the same point I had Josiah and if you remember he was 5lbs 13oz. There are just a variety of reasons I don't feel like their dates were correct. I went into labor at 33 weeks according to their dates, but in hindsight he was probably right around my other kids sizes at that point. Not to mention he 'scored' as looking/acting like a 39 weeker after he was born, I think he was about 38. I got pregnant before getting af back so we really didn't have much to go by and the early ultrasound didn't make sense because I would have gotten a bfp at something like 6dpo and it wasn't an extremely light bfp either. So long story short, he was 'early' but I guess we'll never know by how much.

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WTTW baby Isaiah!!!