Passover/Easter traditions

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Passover/Easter traditions

Hi ladies,

We've been doing a series of holiday articles. Today's focus is holiday traditions. Could you share a tradition (or more) that you share with your kids this season?


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This is a good one! I would love to hear what you all do! And Easter baskets what do you do? I think candy is enough for a basket and maybe something small for spring like a new ball or bubbles something like that it seems like people go WAY OUT on baskets and it's like Christmas!

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I've already got the passover baking done. We're hosting first night, and going to friends for second night. For us it's all about the food and the company. The kids are excited for the hunt for the afikomen, and getting the reward. Smile

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We used to take our kids to the community easter egg hunts (small ones) and after a few years of my timid children getting maybe 1-2 eggs each we decided it was not worth the effort. So on Saturday (we try to keep Sunday more for the religious part of the holiday) we do our own family easter egg hunt. A few years ago we made it a flash light egg hunt in the dark. The kids LOVE it. It makes it a little trickier (since our yard does not have a lot of places to hide things) and its in the dark, so whats not to love. Smile

I tend to do a little more in their baskets since they get no new toys until their birthdays/Christmas, which is Sep-early Jan, so new spring toys are fun, but still only 1-2 smaller to medium toys and eggs with candy. Smile

For the religious part we try to make Resurrection Rolls or Resurrection Cookies every year. It is a great reminder of the holiday and gets us all doing something together as well.

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We set out our baskets--really cute ones I made--and the Easter bunny fills them with candy and a few small prizes and usually one bigger one like new crocs (this years gift). We also don't do new toys or things except christmas and birthdays so we do a little more in the Easter basket. But all the little things are like bubbles, chalk, a fun pen etc. 3 or 4 small things each.

We also are giving up the big hunts this year. We always color eggs Saturday and do resurrection cookies that night. The Easter bunny hides our colored eggs and our recycled plastic eggs filled with coins for the kids banks. Sunday we go to church and have ham dinner.

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We do church and family stuff on Sunday, dye eggs on Saturday. I'm hoping that we can do an outdoor egghunt this weekend and start that tradition.
Ashly we had gone all out on baskets in past years. I did less this year. Like Rachel I like to put some small spring toys in their Easter baskets...things like bubbles, jumpropes, chalk, coloring stuff, oh and new toothbrushes lol. I really don't do much for candy. Again I have but we always end up throwing so much out that I really limit it now. I used to reason though that things like swim suits and swim toys were things we'd be buying anyways but last year I really noticed that the kids were acting like it was another Christmas and I didn't like it. So we'll buy that stuff as needed I guess

pico83 (not verified)

We'll have baskets on the table Easter morning. This year we've decided to do a no-candy Easter. The baskets will have some little toys: sidewalk chalk, a pinwheel for the garden, a magnetic drawing toy (to save a little paper), paints, and seeds to plant. We'll color eggs Saturday and do an egg hunt Sunday. The eggs will be stuffed with stickers, little toys (bubbles, a few little cars, bath squirter toys) and things like trail mix, goldfish crackers, and fresh berries. The kids loved the "healthy" egg last year.

We're agnostic, so our Easter/spring celebration has no religious aspects.