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A picture to share

Here's a picture of my little peanut. I had a scan last week, and baby is measuring right on target to what I estimated based on O date. Little arms and legs were all over the place, and h/b was 167. I was so relieved and so glad that we had this scheduled, because the day before I started spotting and have been spotting on and off since. I have a m/w appointment tomorrow (Monday) for a h/b check and to see if she can see anything (like a polyp) that might be bleeding.

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I hope your M/W appointment is reassuring! Everything sounds (and looks) good to me. It's time for you to relax and enjoy!

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great pic of the baby!! congrats and hh 9 months!

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So glad everything looks good!

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What a great pic of your LO!

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I'm so glad you got some reassurance! I hope the MW appointment goes well, too.

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awww! I am just so happy for you Deb!!

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Hello Little Baby!!! Awww! I hope they find the reason for the spotting so you can stop worrying. Thank you for sharing the pic!!!

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Thanks. The spotting seems to have stopped on its own. I went in today and was able to hear the h/b on the doppler. She checked me out, and everything looked perfect. I even got the okay to go to karate classes and spoke with the master. He said I can continue as long as I avoid certain things (sparring, break falling, jumping).

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I know I told you on Oct but congrats on the great u/s!! You have a vvery cute little baby in there!

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What a great picture of your LO! Hopefully the spotting stops for good. HH9M!