Postpartum umbilical hernia?

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Postpartum umbilical hernia?

Anyone have one after a pregnancy. It appears that I have one, ugh! It is small, but noticeable (meaning I can feel it, you can't see it). There was a day last week where my belly was tender to the touch, then I could feel a small bump right at my belly button. It only hurt that one day. My midwife said it could go away on its own, just to watch it. It is freaking me out. This could be my intestines pushing out? What? Will probably make an appointment with a doc for next week. Please, please, please ab muscles close. I do NOT need to have surgery at the moment. Icky! I am 2 1/2 weeks PP it goes away if I lay down, not as noticeable when sitting, most noticeable when standing. So anyone here have any experience with this? Thanks!!!!

ETA Baby #11 was born on 11-21-11. Griffin Isaac was 10 days past due, weighed 9#6oz and was 22 1/2 inches!!! Need to update my siggy!

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congrats on your new baby! Im sorry about what you have going on and Im afraid I have not experienced it so I have no advice! I hope it goes away on its own!!

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Pretty sure I had one during my last pregnancy but it went away on its own at some point after I had Finn - really don't remember how long it took, there was so much upheaval and chaos after his birth, I think I forgot about the hernia. Anyway, hope yours goes away on its own.

Congrats on your latest arrival!

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No advice, but congrats on your new baby!

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Erica! I was wondering about you!!! Congrats on the birth of Griffin Isaac!!!
Did you have a homebirth?
I am sorry about the hernia- I have no advice on those, I 'm sorry.
Congrats again on a healthy baby boy!

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i have no advice, just wanted to congratulate you on baby griffin!!!

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Thanks ladies!

Lisa, I can totally imagine that a stupid hernia would have been the last thing on your mind after Finn's birth. Glad yours went away, I am hoping mine does. Now that I know it's there it is bugging me. It doesn't hurt or anything, I just am a bit freaked after consulting Dr. Google.

Have an appointment with a dr. on Friday, but I may have to change it since DH can't be home soon enough to be with the kids. I hate going to the dr. Homebirth is kind of looked down on around here, so I will have to deal with more questions than I care too, but oh well. I've got to do what needs done so I can take care of my Zoo!

Hi Asha! Congrats on your new little boy too! He is a cutie, as are all of your kids--I think you need to keep going! Yes, another home birth. He was born 15 minutes after my midwife got here. Not a good idea to wait to call her, DH nearly had to catch. I was pushing as she walked in the house!!

Thanks again everyone!

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I know this is a little late and I'm a lurker, but I had an umbilical hernia after my last lo. It wasn't a problem and I had no idea what it was until I had to go for an unrelated emergency surgery. I actually thought it was just because I had gained weight throughout the pregnancies for my 5 kids. The surgeon told me that he wouldn't have recommended surgery for it on it's own, but because they had to cut near my umbilicus they "fixed" it. Half my umbilicus is gone, I have half an innie, instead of a whole outie like I had before the surgery. It's because of the other surgery though, so I don't know what it would be like to have a hernia repaired on it's own.

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Never heard of this... but congrats on your new baby. I never saw you around in the November '11 board?

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I developed an umbilical hernia after #5, my dr. told me to see a surgeon but i never did and ended up preggo w/#6, I had my tubes tied after she was born and they went through my belly button to do that so they put a couple stitched in my hernia opening.....only thing is they didn't quite get it totally closed. It isn't giving me any trouble, never has but my dr said it's important to get it fixed because yes it is your intestines coming out and if they come out and somehow the hole closes up, it could be bad. That said.....I don't plan on having it fixed unless I start having problems.