Proud mommy moment

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Proud mommy moment

Just sharing my ds1's accomplishments Smile

He had his piano adjudication today where he played 2 memorized pieces for a professor of music and then received feedback on his playing, technique, etc. He did fabulous! I am pretty sure the judge wasn't just being easy on him either when he went on about how perfect his playing was, how hard the pieces were for a 9 year old, because the girl before him was not much older than him and he came down on her quite a bit about her timing, the mistakes she made, encouraged her to practice better and not accept and move on when she makes mistakes in her practicing, etc. The only corrections he gave Joseph was to not be shy about his dynamics--make is louds louder and his softs softer Smile Which he does at home, but not always in a performance.

I am so glad because Joseph needs to feel accomplished. He is so smart and talented but is the most scatterbrained and distracted child! So even though he is in a gifted program at school, he constantly feels like he is not good enough because he does his work slowly (he gets it-very well, but has a hard time focusing long enough to get things done a lot). I don't anyone to label him with any ADD type thing, but he honestly could be--though with routines at home, we have been able to overcome a lot of it, its just at school now we are struggling because of how his teacher structures her class. So having these things in piano make him feel like he has accomplished a lot!

Thanks for letting me share!

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Simply super! Congratulations!

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That is awesome. Way too go big guy Smile As for the trouble at school, my Ds1 is the same way. It was especially difficult last year when he had a teacher that was new to teachin and just lacked the class room management skills and didnt challenge the kids enough. I know from my experiences growing up that the teacher a kid gets can make or break a year.

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That's fantastic! Good for him!

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I do like to hear about slow and steady, but complete. I am much more used to hearing about the first type "slow down, don't skip over your mistakes, you need to practice properly".

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Soak in that proud Mommy moment! That is wonderful that he is so talented and he is being recognized for it!! Congrats to you both!