Question about selling baby clothes

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Question about selling baby clothes

Now that I know this baby is a girl I am wanting to sell my baby boy clothes, but am unsure of what the best way of going about it might be. I checked out craigslist in my area and that doesn't seem like a good route. So I was thinking ebay, second hand children's store, or yard sale. Just wondering if you ladies might have some thoughts on which might be better. Thanks.

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I really don't know either.. but am wondering the same thing myself. Smile I am planning (at some point) selling a ton of my twins stuff at the yard sale, because I have to do a lot less work and tons of ppl come to it.

There is a group called just btw friends or something, and its the same idea, big community yard sale. Maybe have to tag your stuff, I really don't know, as I have not attended one. lol

ebay is iffy. You could sell them in a large lot for an okay amount, but if you have like gymboree stuff, selling them individually or as an outfit is probably better, those things sells like hotcakes! I once sold a pair of gymbo girls overalls I bought thrifting for $1, I sold them for $15 on a buy it now, about an hour into my listing.

I would check out the second hand children's store, or maybe call before even going in and see what they have to say.

Good luck!

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I love craigslist. I have found tons of good deals. I just posted a lot of my daughters stuff it was about 100 pieces of carters and 80 ramdom things like gymbo, old navy,gerber. I asking for 100.00 for all 180 items. A lady came and bought half the clothing for 80 and now Im going to sell the rest for about 50. But you have to have a good craigslist to do that.

Once upon a child is a great place and a yard sale too!

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I sell a lot of my old clothes and stuff on Facebook bizarrely. There's a group that's been set up in my area called FB Swap & Sell or something like that and it's massive and full of local people looking for stuff... And if my stuff doesn't go on there I sell on Ebay instead. Smile

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I just did Once Upon a Child with my girl stuff up to 5T, I only got $40.....but, it's out of my basement and all I had to do was bring it in and pick up my money lol I brought what they didn't take to Goodwill. I just really wanted to clear some space. I tried to Craigslist it all last year but got numerous emails from people who said they were interested but never came. It was all in good condition and good brands and I was selling it all super cheap so I just don't think our local Craigslist is the best. We're rural so a garage sale probably wouldn't be very successful Smile

I gave away a lot of our newborn-2t stuff and honestly I feel better about doing that with how little I got for it from Once Upon A Child Especially considering I don't find their prices all that great when compared to stores sale and coupon pricing on brand new clothes.

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I'm doing this right now.

I took my bins to Once Upon a Child and was shocked at how little they wanted to pay me for my stuff-- so I said nevermind. I'm having a garage sale with friends this weekend.

I plan to price everything at $1/piece. Is that reasonable? I never shop garage sales and don't know what people typically ask for things....our stuff is good, name brand, etc. I have SO much pink!!!! And lots of 2 and 3 piece coordinating outfits. Will people pay $3 for a used Carters/Gymboree/Old Navy outfit?

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I would pay 3.00 for gymboree, but carters and old navt probally 1.00. Unless it was a set. I would do onesies for .50 cents sleepers a 1.00 and outfits like a 3pc maybe 2.00? I don't like going to consignment sales and seeing a carters sleeper for 4.50 or onesies for 2.00 that is crazy!

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Honestly, at yard sales, if they are asking over a dollar, I don't even look. Smile I will at the thrift store though. lol. I don't know my reasoning. But sometimes ppl want to charge a lot for their used stuff, probably because they know what they paid originally, but I'm trying to save a buck. Smile

And maybe have a bin of stuff thats just cheaper, and label it anything in the box/at a table, for a quarter, might draw ppl in.

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jbf is wonderful! I got a great rocker that I refinished and reupholstered and some cute sweaters for DS#4 for great prices. It's nice because they do most of the leg work for you but you do have tag, drop off and pick up your stuff that doesn't sell. Also, if there is a lot of the same items, it can be difficult to get them to choose your item. But still, I would sell at jbf.

Second hand stores, I agree with the others, they can really seem like a rip off for what they will give you for your item. Ebay, well, you pay a sellers fee for all items sold and you have the hassle of packing and shipping. Yardsale you have the legwork.

I guess all have upsides and downsides, it really just depends on which is more important for you and your family.