Sad event and call for love...

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Sad event and call for love...

This past week our family went to volunteer at the annual music festival where we have a children's area that has been built from donations on Reed's behalf, an annual event that we look forward to each year. It's about 4 hours from our house, the closest town is 45 minutes away, and the closest town with a major hospital is about 2.5 hours drive.

On Friday night, the opening night of the festival, we received an emergency call that a baby had stopped breathing (DH coordinates and runs security). Emergency and First Aid staff were amazing in their response, community people (nurses, first aiders, and doctors who had come to the festival) were amazing in their support and help. Ambulances were called, and a helicopter ambulance was called. Unfortunately, the baby did not survive. It appears to have been SIDS. We had many compliments from the air ambulance staff and doctors on how professionally and smoothly the emergency was taken care of, which helps everyone associated with the incident, at least a little. Everyone organizing the festival is understandably a little shaken.

The parents of the child (about 6 months old) and their other 3 children are obviously distraught, but had the wonderful support of the entire fair community throughout the weekend (a record attendance of about 5000 people), and they decided to return for the weekend despite the tragedy as they look forward to the festival all year. The music festival association has decided to donate some of their proceeds of the fair to the family to help them get through the next month without having to worry about work, and are trying to help them out as best we can in other ways.

This has been hard on everyone who organizes the fair, and difficult for us since we dealt with Reed's passing just a few years ago. The family involved is one of our fair organizing committee, and we are a relatively close bunch with lots of support for each other. Account is being put together to accept donations.

In terms of a memoriam, we have some ideas that we have discussed, and are hoping that with some input from the family, we can add to the children's play area in Keeden's memory. One of the ideas is that we've been planning to expand the area with some playscape features and living willow tunnels and structures. We've started growing the willows from native cuttings in a home nursery, and were going to start planting next spring. We would gladly work on this in Keeden's honour.

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Oh my gosh Sarah, this is so sad to hear. My heart goes out to the family and to you and Wayne... I think it is truly wonderful that the family of the baby was surrounded by love of the community during such a tragic time.

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That is incredibly sad. Sad You all did so well though to support the family... And I think it's lovely that you're adding something by way of memorial.